In a Twitter thread posted on Friday, the office of the European Parliament in London has responded to a Telegraph piece claiming that MEPs work in a zombie Parliament.

The article, published in the Telegraph on Thursday and written by the paper’s Assistant Comment Editor Madeline Grant (former Editorial Manager at the Institute of Economic Affairs) claimed that members of the European Parliament work in a zombie Parliament.

The European Parliament Liaison Office in the UK, which is based in London, decided to respond via Twitter with facts.

In case you missed it:

The European Parliament is jointly responsible for passing nearly 90% of new EU law.

See page 33 here:

A guide to how the European Parliament co-legislates under the ordinary legislative procedure, p33. / EP

The current Parliament has passed 1,128 legislative files since it first sat in July 2014.

See statistics here:

European Parliament, Legislative procedures voted in plenary 8th parliamentary term 2014-2019. / EP

MEPs know how much their work matters to you and why:

Seb Dance MEP's opinion piece. / The Guardian

Your MEPs ELECT the Commission President, who is of the same political hue as the largest group in the European Parliament.

MEPs can also sack the whole Commission.

Parliamentary hearings of the Commissioners-designate. / EP

The European Parliament must and will give its final consent to any deal with the UK on Article 50.

And next time someone tells you about being governed by unelected bureaucrats, remember that you get a say in who your next MEPs are.

Vote in the European Parliament elections on 23-26 May.

The above text was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into text-only by PMP Magazine. It is unredacted. It may have been minorly edited to remove abbreviations and spelling mistakes in order to be more readable. The author of the tweets wrote in a personal capacity. The tweets are public. (Source: Twitter) β€”

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