An Extinction Rebellion representative storms off a Sky News interview after being taken down by Adam Boulton live on air.

This Wednesday morning, Sky News’ veteran interviewer Adam Boulton was interviewing Robin Boardman a young Extinction Rebellion (XR) campaign coordinator in his morning show All Out Politics. The climate change protesters have entered their third consecutive day of protest aiming to “shut down London”, blocking traffic at Marble Arch, Westminster Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and Oxford Circus. So far, about 300 people have been arrested during the protest.

Adam Boulton was questioning the 21-year old on the movement’s intentions behind the disruption, such as their “demand” that the UK becomes carbon neutral by 2025 — consequence of which air travel would only be used in emergencies for instance, or no meat consumption by 2025 too.

Unfortunately, the young man wasn’t actually answering Boulton’s questions and insisted instead in repeating the same ‘climate-change-human-race-extinction’ stance over and over again (Maybot-style), and missing out on the great opportunity to properly develop the genuine and fundamental arguments behind the danger of climate change, food shortages and properly explain why there is a climate emergency.

At one point, Adam Boulton asked Robin Boardman whether he thought it was “justified to inconvenience millions of people because they don’t know something that actually they do know?” The XR representative answered “Asbolutely.” Boulton then told the young man, “I am talking to you and you sound to me like a right-wing fascist. You sound like someone who wants to dictate to people how to live their lives,” and called the movement “a load of incompetent, middle-class, self-indulgent people, who want to tell us how to live our lives.”

The young man, who remained calm yet clueless throughout the interview, ended up storming off the studio before the end of the interview.

A lost opportunity for a just cause.

Sadly, after the interview, some biased social media users have decided to share selected and edited parts of the interview in order to make some rather unfair comments against Adam Boulton’s journalism style — Boulton is a great journalist and a fair interviewer — calling him “patronising”, “a disgrace”, “unprofessional”, “an absolute bellend”, and even calling for his sacking from Sky News. Finally, others, who clearly have not even watched the interview, literally invented things like saying that Boulton called the young man a “Tory-Boy”.

The Sky News journalist replied to these accusations with a short tweet:

At PMP Magazine, we take the side that, rather than relying on social media edits, hearsays and rumours, it is better to make up one’s mind by watching the interview in its entirety.

Watch the entire interview now:

Sky News

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