Ayo, from Hackney, voted Leave in 2016 without fully understanding the implications of voting to leave the EU, especially for his epileptic daughter. Fed up with the Brexiters’ claims and lies, he is a Remainer Now and wants a People’s Vote.

The thing is unless you are not looking at this situation objectively, there is no way you can say people haven’t changed their mind — in either direction.

Ordinarily, I would say the vote happened, end of story. However, the Brexit outlined then, is NOT the Brexit we see today. Regardless if you voted Leave or Remain, we should all want a final say on what is actually done in our name.

I seriously do not understand the logic of the Conservatives. Why own Brexit?

Share the responsibility, the process, and the outcome of delivering Brexit. When we come to a concrete, signed, workable, detailed, deliverable solution. If that is miles away from what was promised, how on earth can you justify shoving it down our necks? If you put the reality to the people and they still want to leave then they can vote for it.

I am soooo fed up with the “17.4 million people... bla bla bla” narrative. For f*** sake, we are not all the same. Nigel Farage voted Leave (that should have been my clue). I voted Leave, but I hate every single thing he stands for. I didn’t vote for this nonsense, I didn’t fully understand the implications of voting to leave the EU.

Some people I met voted Leave and admitted afterwards they didn’t even know we where part of the European Union before all this started. I am not joking!

I met many people who did not vote at all because they thought it had nothing to do with them, and they now desperately want a chance to cast a vote, this time understanding the specific issue that affects them.

My daughter has epilepsy. A few months ago, I asked her consultant what the deal was with her specific medication and Brexit. He told me that it is being stockpiled and that it “should be ok”... I didn’t vote for Brexit so my daughter “should be ok”.

I looked in his eyes. I could tell he wasn’t sure.

I love this country.

It is not perfect, but I was built here. My parents came from Nigeria in the 1980s, have built a business, employ five people.

Immigration is not perfect, but its benefits outweigh its drawbacks, and we do have controls, we just don’t use them — another thing I didn’t know!

I am just fed up of all the blatant lies I hear day after day, week after week. This is not about winning or losing, this is about what is best for Britain as a whole.

I live here, my children live here. When I voted Leave I took a big dump on my door step.

We need a People’s Vote to clean the shit up!🔷

By Ayo Adesina.

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(This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article, with the author’s consent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.)

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