If you educate people, they become a threat, they start questioning... which is not what government wants, Tom Moriarty writes.

This article is very interesting. I just stumbled across it.

It comment that Brexit is down to a lack of education and inequality. There is, of course, no question about inequality. We rank highly on inequality stats. We are one of the worst...


The reasons this crops up is because I was searching for stories to do with the reduction in education spending per pupil that appeared in some news (2018 Annual Report on Education Spending in England - Institute for Fiscal Studies)... contrary to this government’s claim that spending has gone up.

This government, which is a remorseless liar, includes private schools and student loans in their figures. Standard neo-liberal doctrine.

So, with all that in there, and basic inflation, perhaps the total figure has gone up, but it is a charade. Which, of course, takes us to one of the fundamental beliefs of this government: Do not educate people!

If you educate people, they become a threat, they start questioning the status quo. Education is the pre-requisite of an evolving society.

So, what was the first thing this government did when it came to power? They increased tuition fees to limit access to higher education. You may remember various PR promoting the going straight into work. What this government wants is worker bees and the sooner they start the better.

Remember what they say about music and the arts. Nicky Morgan called it a waste of time. Removing it from the curriculum, reduced funding? The arts is not very ‘worker bee’, not very ‘productive’ according to their god-fearing definitions of what work is.

And so it is that people are funneled into line, into the machine where they will be registered and monitored, saddled with debt and made to stay there until the debt is paid. At which point they will be allowed to pursue other interests.

And key to all that is to keep the people uninformed and uneducated. Let the media close to government give them all the ‘news’ they need, the propaganda, the lies, a cartoon comic book version of the world around them.

And then give them hardship which you blame on their ‘enemies’ (bankers and the EU). And then give them a ‘vote’ which apparently gives them a chance to be ‘free’ of their ‘enemy’.

And whatever you do, do not educate them about the truth...🔷

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(This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article, with the author’s consent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.)

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