The craziest election in the graveyard of the oldest democracy.

First published in May 2019.

My voting card finally arrived!

My two-step EU citizen voting forms were not lost in the mail, or by the council, or in the mail back. I am a legal voter.

Not everyone is, and this voter suppression scandal seems to have sunk from public discussion without a trace. Another terrible thing that has been normalised.

But now I have a problem. Who to vote for?

If it was a referendum on Brexit, I would know how to vote. If it was a general election, I would for sure not heed the Siren call that some of my British friends succumbed to and vote for a party that promises everything to everyone and is, at this moment of writing, still actively pursuing a unicorn Brexit.

But the European Parliament elections are different.

First of all, they are actually not British elections, they are EU elections. We are electing members of the EU wide parliament who will decide EU laws. They will form EU wide alliances where their alliance mates will mostly not be British.

But here, this elections is presented as some kind of quasi-referendum. Sending a message to the British government and parliament. We are told to vote for MEPs not because of the work they would be doing in the EU parliament but because of the political agenda they have in and for the UK.

To me, that is very weird. But so far, I have heard very few people question it. Our bubble seems to be full self-reflective on all sides.

So the MEPs who will be elected will be some kinds of stand-ins for British MPs, or at least the proportion of the vote will stand in for the proportion of the vote in a potential national election? Where, of course, the proportion of the national vote is of no importance whatsoever – British governments have rarely had a majority higher than 35% of the national vote and yet ruled with absolute power.

People constantly tell me: “We need to prevent the Brexit Party from winning”. But what would they win? The overall majority in the EU parliament? That’s impossible. The UK is only one of 28 countries to send EU representatives there. Even if all British MEPs came from the same party – which they won’t, they would still be a relatively small number in whatever alliance they were part of in the EU parliament.

It is a bit like saying that the SNP MPs won the national elections because everyone in Scotland voted for them. That would be absurd. But that is the argument.

And I also think it is sad. Instead of discussing EU wide issues as all the other MEP campaigns in all the other EU countries do, we are, once again, reduced to thinking only about ourselves, and losing touch with the world around us. Frankly, in this situation, I am not sure the UK deserves the EU vote.

But there is no awareness. On the contrary, newspapers, social media and various campaigns are fixated on ‘which party will win the EU elections’.

And now we come to the craziest part of it all.

The election is in 2 days.

But next week, one week after the election, our current Prime Minister will make one more attempt to force us, the population, into Brexit. A Brexit that, according to all polls, a comfortable majority of us no longer want. (And that has already destroyed the Conservative Party to the point where they will probably come fifth in the EU elections…)

And if that happens, perhaps enabled by the other big Brexit party, Labour, who have enabled the government for three years now, or perhaps somehow magicked by all those sinister manipulations we are told are the dark powers of this government, the UK will leave the EU after all. And before the newly elected MEPs even take their places.

So, we might be voting for ghosts.

A vast government machinery has sprung into action, including the re-registering of EU citizens who had already been de-registered since we should now really be in the post-Brexit end times. And the government is actively working towards making these elections, that it is holding, a farce. No wonder that people don’t trust the system. It is a fog and mirrors system that produces ghosts.

So, which ghost to vote for?

Because I will use my hard fought vote. It may be symbolic. I may have to accept the mirrored bubble of the UK and play along.

I have decided to go ahead and pretend that we live in reality.

I will, shockingly, vote for MEPs in the EU parliament and I will base my decision on what I think is best for the EU, not just the UK.

I will vote for the party that I think offers the most effective and visionary policies for all EU citizens. Including me. Wherever my freedom of movement allows me to live. Because the EU is my country. And the EU parliament is a transnational parliament where nationality is much less important than common goals.

Look at the extreme right wing: they know that. They are trying to capitalise on that. Ironic, because they are all rabid nationalists... But apart from the rabid UK nationalists, none of them want to leave the EU. They want to rule it.

My fellow citizens, yes, you are still citizens, my equals, today and on voting day. Perhaps no longer when May’s machinations finally succeed next week. When I will still be an EU citizen, but you will not.

My fellow citizens, please vote for the party that most closely represents what you want from the EU, from politics, and, most importantly from life.

If you stay, as citizens, this party may well decide not only your fate, and mine, and that of our children, but also the fate of the planet.🔷

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[This is an original piece, first published by the author in on 21 May 2019. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

(Cover: Pixabay.)