How one event in Austria reveals a lot about the way UK political parties and politicians may work with foreign influencers to destroy the European Union.

I was half-expecting this story not to be covered by the BBC, but voila. A far-right minister has been busted for making promises to Russian oligarchs to, essentially, sell them State assets in exchange for funding. There is no doubt about his guilt given it was all caught on video.

As some may know the last election, in 2017, was a very close run thing between sane politicians and nationalists. So close that the chancellor had to form a coalition with the far-right.

The person busted for corruption was in fact not just a minister but the Vice-Chancellor, the second in command, who with his populist zealots have been making demands to the Chancellor for two years, since that election, making life very difficult.

The Chancellor, following the revelation about the corruption, has basically said, “fuck it, enough is enough”, and called for a snap election, which will be held in September.

However, let’s focus on the corruption case for a moment. A (fake) Russian oligarch trying to buy State assets by promising funding to nationalists. This all sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it? Step back and we can say it is business trying to force a sale of nation state assets.

And now let’s think about the Tory’s Friends of Russia group and Boris Johnson’s links with Russia that keep cropping up, the support from Evgeny Lebedev, owner of the Evening Standard which was basically a campaign leaflet for Johnson when he was trying to become Mayor.

Charlie Brooker in The Guardian (2008).

If anyone thinks the type of conversations we saw in Austria has not happened between our own far-right politicians and Russia they are living in a dreamland.

We know they are corrupt, we know they care little for our country, or its people. We know they are part of a bigger global network of neo-feudalists who are funding fascism to weaken countries and force nation states to sell their assets.

We know that the backer of Leave EU and funder of Nigel Farage have connections with Russia and, of course, there is the question about the source of that persons’ funds which went into the Leave campaign.

It is very likely that such conversations between Russian oligarchs and politicians are common place. When one considers the shameless, remorseless people in the ERG... they would have no problem at all with selling us all out.

However, it is not just the Russians.  If we look to the West, we see a mirror image of mafia capitalists who also want to get hold of nation state assets. And they are using the same tactics, funding hate and weakening the target countries from the inside.

In order to do this, they need hate mongers. In the UK, that is what the ERG, UKIP and Brexit Party are all about. Paid-for puppet politicians who are like carriers of a disease of hatred which they try to spread as much as possible with their tours and trolls.

Europe is, in fact, being attacked on both sides from capitalist vultures. The NHS? Of course, but that is low hanging fruit. They will not stop until they have ownership and control over everything and everyone.

And Leavers talk about sovereignty...

The two leaders of two superpowers who share a common doctrine, mafia capitalism, see a prize ripe for the picking sitting between the two of them, a gold mine of national assets until now protected by democracy and governments representing their people.

Remember that moment where Putin and Trump exchanged smiles at that gathering of leaders in Paris to mark the end of WW1? Or when Trump slagged off his own security services in front of Putin?

Brexit is just a small part of a much bigger game to break up the EU, weaken the nation states and buy them up. They are using hate to do it. More evidence will emerge. Putin and Trump made a deal to work together to buy Europe, the biggest deal in history.

One must ask how aware of this is the voting public. How could they know that, by supporting Brexit and the far-right, they are selling the country from underneath their feet. It is giving away control at a level they cannot even imagine.

And this is what Leave voters must recognize. It is not about them. It is about a few US and Russian mafia capitalists exploiting them, and stealing from them. They are being told it is a vote for ‘freedom’ when it is a vote to be chained and caged.

It is also what Brexit Party and UKIP voters must realise. We can only present them the facts and ask that they do not sell us all out. If they do, the Great Britain we have all loved and cherished for years will be lost forever, and democracy and justice will be consigned to history.

Dear fellow citizens, no matter what is your political colour, please do not vote for the extreme right. No good will come of it and it opens the door to a very, very dark future both in the UK, and across the world. Yes, I am afraid it really is one of those moments.

We must keep telling the truth.🔷

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[This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article, with the author’s consent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.]

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