As great sums of money are currently being spent on websites, social media and digital advertising to support the various Tory candidates to the Conservative Leadership contest, Haylee investigates who hides behind the Boris 2020 bid website...

First published in May 2019.

Have you seen the website to “Get Boris on the Ballot.” (Beware the Cloud Malware if you visit the website!)

A VERY interesting website.

The thing is this website is... 2,588 days old!

Boris 2020 was created in... 2012?!?

But by who? Who is behind this call to back Boris Johnson?


In 2018, (again beware the Cloud Malware!) was... the Guido Fawkes blog. used to display the contents of Guido Fawkes - 5 August 2012.

Now, why would Hong Kong-Saint Kitts and Nevis based-Vote Leave Matthew Elliott former associate in data analytics company Wess, funded by Mercer and the Koch brothers’ think tanks, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Boeing, the Kremlin through his advertising company MessageSpace Paul Staines make a Boris 2020 Guido website in 2012?

(Note: BOTH Guido Fawkes and political advertising company MessageSpace are owned by Paul Staines’ Global & General Nominees Limited, in Hong Kong and Saint Kitts and Nevis. Is MessageSpace the firm behind the shadowy funded ads of anonymous fake grassroots group flooding the UK?)

Guido Fawkes running the social media bid for Boris Johnson was confirmed on Tuesday by BuzzFeed.

A few more things about MessageSpace from a few years ago.

Note that at the time, MessageSpace owner Hong Kong Global & General Nominees Ltd didn’t exist yet. It was created in 2009. The director was another associate of Matthew Elliott, Jag Singh. Staines became a director in 2014. - 16 November 2007.

Interestingly, it was already offering “techniques used by campaigners for US (‘Republican’) politicians, including targeting based on behavioural data and viral ads” in 2006. - 13 November 2007.

Which gets even more interesting when we remember what kind of company Matthew Elliott, Jag Singh and Paul Staines launched together... It makes me wonder what (undeclared) role MessageSpace and Guido Fawkes may be playing in Matthew Elliott’s campaigns.

One thing for sure is that MessageSpace apparently did gather information on its targets somehow.

How? - 3 April 2009.

Also, with clients such as Microsoft, HSBC, the Kremlin, Coca Cola, John Redwood, Boris Johnson, Mercer/Donors Trust/Kochs/Templeton foundations funded Atlas network and its member think tanks (IEA, ASI, WTA), Ashcroft polls, plus millions of advertisements served since 2006... how much does it make? - 26 June 2013. - 13 November 2007.

Where does this money go? How is it used?

We do know that it is used for the No-Deal Boris 2020 campaign.

Has it been used for other No-Deal anonymous social media micro-targeted campaigns? For any Leave campaign/pressure group/shadowy backer?

Shouldn’t we know?🔷


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