He represents all of us with a passion for the best future for our country and our children. He represents the best of us. Many would agree to see him sit in Westminster...

First published in June 2019.

Ask anyone. Anyone you like.

If you ask anyone who immediately jumps to mind when you mention the word Brexit, most people will give you the same answer. I mean, it is obvious, isn’t it? I mean… who, to the majority of people, encapsulates the very word. That’s right!

Nigel Farage.

He has campaigned for it for over 25 years, is constantly in the news, has his own radio show where he talks about it on an almost daily basis, was the leader of UKIP during the referendum campaign and has now, of course, set up his new Brexit Party where he managed to pull in 31.6% of the vote securing 29 MEP seats in the process.

Yet, to me, he is not the man that should spring to mind when you hear the word Brexit.

Brexit is, without a doubt, the most harmful situation our little island has been involved with in my lifetime. It has brought out some truly awful views and behaviours. The far-right has had a surge in this country, the likes of which I hoped I would never see. People have been abused, attacked, and one MP was even murdered with her killer shouting “Britain first!” as she was stabbed to death.

However, Brexit has also brought out some of the best in people. People who care about their country. People who are not prepared to sit idly by and watch the country and continent they love face ruin. There are many of these people across the country, but none as prominent to me as Steve Bray.

Steve Bray was voted PMP Person of the Year 2018 last December.

Most people know him as “Stop Brexit Steve”. A man who has, since Theresa May triggered Article 50, stood outside parliament on every sitting day of the House of Commons, and campaigns for an end to the Brexit mess. Come rain or shine; he is there — loudhailer in hand, a voice of common sense amongst all the madness. You cannot miss him, and why would you want to?

Day after day, for over two years now, Steve has called for Britain to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. A man who stands outside the gates of Westminster who I, and I am sure many others would agree with me, would prefer to see inside Westminster. If our politicians had the passion for Britain, for Europe, and for the successful future of our union with our closest friends and neighbours he has, then I believe we would indeed be living in a beautiful country.

Steve is the man who I think genuinely encapsulates the best this country has to offer. A man who has given so much of his time to fight for what he believes in. For what is right.

Our government is pushing on regardless with Brexit even though current opinion polls are showing that the nation has changed its mind, that it wants to remain in the European Union. It is blindly ignoring what is clearly staring them in the face and is still insisting we leave.

Steve Bray may be just one man. However, he represents all of us with a passion for the best future for our country and our children. He represents the best of us. I don’t know where he finds the energy to campaign and to keep fighting as he does, but I thank him for it.

So, if you ever feel like giving up and accepting defeat, accepting Brexit is a done deal… simply remember that Steve is there, outside parliament fighting for your future, fighting for your right to remain an EU citizen and fighting for a better future for your children.

He is not giving up, and neither should we.

Thank you, Steve!🔷

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