Labour MP Wes Streeting listed on Twitter the various occasion Boris Johnson made fantasy claims, broke promises and launched expensive vanity projects as Mayor of London. Time to fact-check Boris Johnson’s mayoralty.

"Failed London Garden Bridge project cost £53m." / BBC News

"Is this the most pointless piece of public transport in Britain?" / Daily Mail

"Boris Johnson's 'Eco-Friendly' Routemasters Are Actually Running On Diesel Because Of Battery Failures." / Huffington Post

"Furious Boris Johnson hits out at 'myopic' report rejecting his plan for a Boris Island airport which he insists is NOT dead." / Daily Mail

"Boris Johnson Mocked By Tube Workers With London Underground Quote Of The Day." / Huffington Post

London fares rise. / ITV News

"London Stadium: Mayor publishes critical independent review." / London City Hall

Police Recorded Crime Statistics. / Hansard

"Boris Johnson left us a terrible housing crisis legacy in London, and the Government must fix his mess." / The Independent

"Boris Johnson's Promise To End London Homelessness By 2012 Mocked As Rough Sleeper Numbers Double." / Huffington Post

"Where were you?" / Daily Mail

Find more broken promises by Boris Johnson as Mayor of London in a more detailled article by Channel 4 NewsFactCheck and all about the £940m bill for Boris Johnson’s mayoral ‘vanity projects’ in this Guardian article. 🔷

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[This piece is a compilation of Twitter posts published as a Twitter thread]

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