This summer in politics could decide whether Britain will be saved from falling off a cliff into a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

The right-wing Brexiters finally got their wish, after almost 3 very turbulent and unstable years Theresa May was finally forced out. A premiership that ended with a resignation speech that tried to gain the sympathy of the British people, but went down like a bucket of cold sick. Now the Tories are on the verge of electing a right-wing populist to be the leader who is ready to throw Britain off a cliff on the 31 October 2019.

The first round took four victims with the only two female candidates in Esther Mcvey and Andrea Leadsom, as well as Steve Harper not gaining the 17 votes required and Matt Hancock pulling out due to his lack of support with just twenty votes. However, the clearest message there was that Boris Johnson was well out in front, with 114 votes from the Conservative batch of MPs he was miles ahead of Jeremy Hunt on 43 in second place, Britain is on the brink of having an unelected charlatan in charge.

Second round. Dominic Raab out with 30 votes. Boris Johnson leading with 126 votes.

Johnson is a man who is the complete image of the ‘establishment’ politics that people have come to hate, he’s a former Etonian whilst his dad and brother have both been in politics and his sister is a journalist who ran for Change UK in the recent European elections. Despite all of this he is a very popular figure amongst Tory activists and the grassroots, as well as gaining the backing of key Brexiteers like Jacob Rees Mogg. He has wide support amongst the Tory faithful.

This is what makes this leadership election so undemocratic and pointless; unless one of these other candidates can pull off a miracle Bojo will stroll into 10 Downing Street, just like Prince Charles will into Buckingham Palace one day. Jeremy Hunt and Rory Stewart seem like the two candidates who have a chance, but really at this stage with Boris Johnson’s huge lead, it looks unlikely.

Another take: ‘Boris Johnson As Emperor’ by Matt Brown.

This type of politics is like the Trumpian style seen in the US, Johnson has such a cult following that he could do anything and suffer no consequences. Donald Trump said that he could “shoot someone on Fifth Avenue” and he would not lose any voters. This is the same when it comes down Boris Johnson, which makes the whole leadership contest so undemocratic due to the lack of scrutiny. It should never be forgotten that Johnson called black people ‘piccaninnies with watermelon smiles’, said that Libya would be a great place for tourism after they cleaned up all the ‘dead bodies’ at Tory conference and said that women in burkas looked like ‘letterboxes’. He’s done all this, yet his support base is stronger than ever.

With Boris set to be coronated as Tory leader in the week beginning 22 July, Britain is set to be unstable as ever. With the Brexit chaos always toiling away in the background, a Boris premiership will lead to a general election and one of the most hung parliaments in history.

This summer in politics could decide whether Britain will be saved from falling off a cliff into a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.🔷

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