Charlie Mullins today explains why he thinks Boris Johnson is the best Tory candidate to become the next prime minister.

I’ve been telling everyone I meet this week that Boris Johnson is starting to look like a real prime minister, and I’m not just talking about the slimming down and getting a proper haircut, even though they are good changes, especially sorting out that barnet!!

What’s also changed is he’s acting like a PM in waiting, calm and considered, professional and a man oozing confidence, as well as the charisma that he’s never been short of.

And it’s that confidence and charisma that will allow people to put their faith in him, and why I strongly believe that he is the only politician in the mix who can bring our broken country back together again.

I’m still a Remainer

Let’s get one thing straight – I’m still a Remainer, because I think that being part of the European Union is the best place for the UK to be for the future.

But, currently we have no Prime Minister. What we do have, however, is a group of people, one of whom will be our next PM, so what is wrong with supporting the one I think will do the best job?

At the Black and White dinner during the last leadership battle. / Charlie Mullins

I’ve always found that in life you have to face facts, and the reality of the situation is clear, which is why I’m supporting Boris, because you can’t back a horse that isn’t in the race.

There will be a second referendum

Personally, I still believe there will be a second referendum; I’ve believed it for some time, and I still don’t believe there is any other mechanism that can solve the political crisis that we currently face.

That doesn’t mean my belief that Boris isn’t still the best candidate for the job, and the only one who has the personality to be able to bring the warring tribes of the UK closer together, after three years of often brutal blood-letting.🔷

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