More worries for Boris Johnson’s team in the Conservative Leadership contest as their candidate’s fantasy Brexit plans are starting to be found out.

Whilst others like Daniel Hannan MEP (the actual father of Brexit) have been criticising the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney for rejecting Boris Johnson’s no-deal trade claim last week on the BBC, Liam Fox – a supporter of Jeremy Hunt in the Conservative Leadership contest – has wanted to make it clear that Johnson’s Article 24 claims are pure fantasy.

The International Trade Secretary told the BBC’s Andrew Marr this morning that Boris Johnson’s ‘GATT 24’  (Article 24 of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) claim that the UK could use WTO rules to avoid tariffs after Brexit is an argument that “isn’t true, that’s the problem.”

Watch Liam Fox on the Andrew Marr Show this morning:

Liam Fox, 23 June 2019. / BBC One - Andrew Marr Show

The reaction on Twitter:

Boris Johnson’s supporters were obviously ready to shut down Liam Fox’s Article 24 explanations by suggesting that, being a Jeremy Hunt supporter himself, there was little surprise he would find arguments to criticise Hunt’s opponant in the Tory Leadership contest on TV.

Except that, it is only fair to remind them that the Secretary of State for International Trade had already explained in the House of Commons, last January, that leaving on WTO Article 24 terms was not the remedy to the Brexit crisis. There was no question of supporting either Hunt or Johnson in a leadership contest at the time, as Theresa May was trying to get her Withdrawal Agreement for the first through Parliament, which she failed to do on 15 January.

Debate on the negotiated withdrawal agreement, 14 January 2019. / Hansard

Boris Johnson’s team should start to worry about their candidate who yesterday displayed an obvious fear of being exposed during the Birmingham Hustings. Instead of answering direct questions on the row with his girlfriend, his Brexit plan or the f*** business quote, he kept on boasting about his self-claimed accomplishments as Mayor of London – especially his handling of the 2011 London riots – which have all been debunked as fantasies on various occasion by journalists and experts, and about how he, ‘the man of the people’ and ‘anti-Establishment’ politician who won the 2016 EU Referendum partly by raging against the Establishment, has actually always stuck up for bankers.

Boris Johnson & Theresa May, 2011 London riots. / AP

His weak strategy, his obvious anxiety at answering questions, and his Care Bear Brexit plans should worry his team... or they will end up being found out.🔷

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(Cover: Screenshot of Liam Fox on Andrew Marr Show, BBC.)