More and more regretful Leave voters are joining the #RemainerNow movement and calling for a People’s Vote. This is only possible because of Remainers who are taking the time to listen, to understand and to engage with them.

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First published in July 2019.

Admitting you were wrong. That you have made a mistake.

It sounds like such an easy thing to do. Yet for some reason, most people seem to find this very simple act such a hard thing to do. It is understandable, being wrong isn’t something that we, as humans, seem to be able to freely admit to.

I have been wrong about many things in the past, and I would like to think that most of my mistakes didn’t really lead to too many problems. However, in June 2016, I made a huge mistake.

I voted to leave the European Union.

At the time I cast that vote, I was convinced I was right, and that remained the case for over two years. My decision was clearly in the best interests of my country, and those who disagreed with me were the ones who had made the wrong choice. I argued passionately for my cause and for my vote to be honoured. There was no way I was giving up on that.

But you see, I did. I did give up on that. Sometimes you just have to do that. You will feel foolish and stupid. You will think that admitting you were wrong will bring ridicule upon you. That people who you argued with will wag their fingers and say, “I told you though, didn’t I?”

But they didn’t.

You see, I had come across a Twitter account called @RemainerNow. And, being a Brexiter, I had been trying to argue my rather flimsy case for the wonders of Brexit with the guy who runs the community, Andy. And he always had an answer to my arguments. But not only that, he also made the effort to try and understand my Leave vote and why I had done it. Here was a guy who had voted differently to me and who, rather than blame me for contributing to the chaos my vote had a part in causing, was engaging with me positively.

The RemainerNow community was instrumental in my decision to admit openly that I had been wrong. They understood why I had voted the way I had, and genuinely made me feel that it was OK to think again about my reasons for my Leave vote.

Now, there are many pro-EU movements out there at the moment, all doing what they can to try and stop this country from making one of the biggest mistakes in its history. And I applaud their work. However, I genuinely feel that the RemainerNow movement is one of the most – if not THE most – important of them all.

Not everyone has cast iron views. Not everyone is anchored into one side or the other on the Brexit debate, or on any subject at all, when you think about it. There are always people who are prepared to look at the facts, or what they believe to be the facts, and make their decision accordingly. These people are important. Very important. This is because they are open-minded and not blind to the points of view of others.

These people will take the time to reassess their views and alter their opinion when good information about the other side of an argument is presented to them.

In order to win a future second referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, people have to change their minds. And they are.

I knew deep down that my point of view had changed and that I had abandoned the undeliverable mess that was Brexit. RemainerNow helped me realise that I wasn’t alone and that there were literally thousands of people like me who regretted their decision to vote to leave.

More and more regretful Leave voters are joining the RemainerNow movement and are openly calling for a People’s Vote. Calling for a rethink. A fair vote with facts instead of big red buses and huge scary posters.

And this is all due to a man who was curious about me and people like me. Andy told me that he had almost muted me on Twitter once when I was arguing him as a Leaver. I would like to thank him for not doing so and taking the time to listen, to understand and to engage instead. And mostly for helping me to accept the one thing that I think worries most regretful Leavers who wonder if they should tell people that they were wrong.

And that is: it is ok to change your mind.🔷

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