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First published in July 2019.

1 July 2019 — BBC Newsnight.

When Emily Maitlis reminded Damian Green MP that Boris Johnson (who he supports in the Tory Leadership contest) said in an interview for Talk Radio that come what may, deal or no deal, we will leave on the 31st,” whilst Green himself has told the Federation of Small Business last October thatno-deal would be economically catastrophic.

🎙️ Emily Maitlis: “Why, as a democrat, do you not fear about what you are doing to public trust, to the political fabric our democracy is built on, when they believe you, when they see you as loyal supporter of May one minute, then supporting Johnson the next?”

Damian Green MP grilled by Emily Maitlis, 1 July 2019. / BBC - Newsnight

2 July 2019 — BBC Radio 5 Live.

When Emma Barnett asked Brexit Party MEP Dr David Bull why he complained about the “insanity” of his eight-hour commute to represent the UK in Strasbourg, as if he had taken the job without knowing anything about it or taken the initiative to check where his new job was going to be located.

🎙️ Emma Barnett: “Did you not look up how you might get to the European Parliament?
🗣 David Bull:“Weirdly, it did not cross my mind.

Dr David Bull MEP grilled by Emma Barnett, 2 July 2019. / BBC Radio 5 Live

2 July 2019 — BBC Newsnight.

When Emily Maitlis reminded Brexit Party MEP Brian Monteith that he takes a salary from a place he despises and doesn’t want to be a part of.

🎙️ Emily Maitlis: “Just clarify that you don’t take a salary from that Parliament and expenses, will you?”
🗣 Brian Monteith:“Of course I take a salary. I made significant financial sacrifices...”

Brian Monteith MEP grilled by Emily Maitlis, 2 July 2019. / BBC - Newsnight

3 July 2019 — BBC Radio 5 Live.

When Emma Barnett asked 15 times Sports Minister and Boris Johnson-backer Mims Davies whether she backs the sugar tax or agreed with Johnson who suggested a review.

🎙️ Emma Barnett: “Do you support getting rid of the sugar tax?”
🗣 Mims Davies:“I support people making healthy choices” or If it changes, it changes.

Sports Minister Mims Davies grilled by Emma Barnett, 3 July 2019. / BBC Radio 5 Live

4 July 2019 — European Parliament.

When the LibDem MEP Martin Horwood told the European Parliament that his party, the Green and other Remain parties do not want to turn their backs on Europe.

🗣 Martin Horwood: “Brexit is not inevitable and opinion is shifting in Britain... otherwise we would not be here.”

Martin Horwood MEP speaking at the European Parliament, 4 July 2019. / EbS

4 July 2019 — BBC Newsnight.

When Emma Barnett challenged Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe after her earlier speech in the European Parliament where she had controversially compared Britain leaving the EU to slaves rising up against their owners.

🎙️ Emma Barnett: “It is total white privilege on your part to use the word ‘oppression’ in such an easy, cavalier manner. You’re playing to the gallery... Slaves never got paid £3,900 a month did they?

Ann Widdecombe MEP grilled by Emma Barnett, 4 July 2019. / BBC - Newsnight

5 July 2019 — Channel 4 News.

When Boris Johnson was asked during a hustings in Darlington to give an example of a time when he has put his own self-interest aside for the benefit of the country, he answered that if he was not in politics he would be making more money than he currently is as an MP.

🗣 Boris Johnson: “It is obviously possible to make more money by not being a full time politician. You have to make sacrifices sometimes.

Boris Johnson MP at a hustings in Darlington, 5 July 2019. / Channel 4 News

5 July 2019 — Channel 4 News.

When Matt Frei asked Priti Patel whether it was acting in Britain’s best interest for Boris Johnson – then Foreign Secretary – not to show up at the Western Balkans Summit in London, in July 2018, because he was too busy in a photoshoot writing his resignation letter to Theresa May, and whether the Brits were made a laughing stock internationally.

🎙️ Matt Frei: “Was that in our country’s best interest? He didn’t show up. He was too busy having a photo taken while he was writing his resignation letter. That’s just not the kind of way a diplomat behaves, is it?... He could have sent a message to say he wasn’t coming. It was just a no-show. I mean, it’s just unacceptable, isn’t it? We were made a laughing stock on our own turf.
🗣 Priti Patel: “I don’t think we were made a laughing stock at all.

Priti Patel MP, 5 July 2019. / Channel 4 News

6 July 2019 — BBC News, Dateline London.

When Carrie Gracie stunned foreign journalists in London by silencing Scottish journalist Isabel Hilton when she mentioned the “English problem” with Brexit.

🗣 Isabel Hilton: “Speaking from Scotland, I would say we are behaving pretty sensibly. There is an England problem, there is definitely an England problem when it comes to Brexit.”
🎙️ Carrie Gracie: “Hold on. We don’t have any firm Brexiteers on this panel today so I won’t let you make any remoaning speeches.”

Isabel Hilton, nevertheless, managed to describe Boris Johnson as lazy and incompetent, before adding “Boris has recognised that the Tory Party is in the grip of a cult and that cults tend toward extremes and he has won them over.”

Dateline London, 6 July 2019. / BBC News

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