Nigel Farage absolutely supports the idea that all UK civil service and military personnel who don’t believe in Brexit should face the sack.

It all started with Anthony Gardner, former U.S. Ambassador to the European Union between 2014-2017, tweeting what he heard Nigel Farage say last night on LBC, which he found jaw dropping and “outrageous”.

The simple idea that people who don’t believe in Brexit could thus be purged because of their ideas and opinions would be taking Britain back to the McCarthyism era and be likened to a sudden authoritarian move from any future British Prime Minister to say the least.

Responding to a listener’s question related to the Washington Files and the resignation of the UK Ambassador to Washington, the Brexit Party leader first said:

“Boris, come on, stand up, make the point that official government policy is this country supports Brexit. Official government policy is we want new trade deals around the world, therefore, by definition, you cannot have a Remainer as our Ambassador in Washington.”

Nigel Farage, 10 July 2019. / LBC

Then later, as another listener asked Farage whether he would support the sacking of UK civil service, ambassadors and military personnel if they didn’t believe in Brexit, the former UKIP leader didn’t pull his punches.

“Every civil servant, every ambassador, head of the army, head of the navy... would they have to be replaced if they are Remainers?” the listener asked.

“Absolutely! The job of the civil service is to do what the elected government of the day tells them to do. And I know this government doesn’t really look like a Brexit government very often, but the fact is that they were elected in 2017 on a manifesto to deliver Brexit. And if the civil servants are seen to be an obstruction to that, they should either change their ways or be removed. Absolutely!

“It is rather different with the army and the arm services because we very rarely hear, or know, what their political opinions are. I can tell you, as somebody who’s interacted – unfortunately – with the Foreign Office for over 20 years, every single one of them that I have met believes in the European project, and that is not the direction of travel that we, as a country, should be taking now.”

Nigel Farage, 10 July 2019. / LBC

Such cracking down on political ‘opponents’ among civil servants (to start with) because of their political opinion on Brexit should ring alarms for every defender of Democracy in Britain.

History repeating itself?

"Outlawing the Opposition", Transforming Germany in the 1930s. / Facing History and Ourselves

Another similar and ongoing series of purges has taken place in Turkey following a coup attempt in July 2016 with authoritarian President Erdogan’s government firing more than 130,000 people (including soldiers, police officers, teachers, academics, civil servants, private businesses...), introducing emergency rule, clamping down on the media and putting over 77,000 people in jail – on the charge of being somewhat related to the failed coup or to a group which the Turkish government has been blaming for the coup. The mere possession of prohibited books may be considered evidence and a cause for arrest.

Does Nigel Farage want Brexit Britain to go full-Erdogan?

Was this what leaving the European Union and taking back control actually meant all this time?🔷

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