Andy Martin on struggling to understand why some Leavers want a No-Deal Brexit at any cost, regardless of the consequences for the country.

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First published in July 2019.

When I voted to leave the European Union in 2016, I did it because I genuinely thought it would be in the best interests of our country.

I believed there would be more money for the NHS, I believed that the country would be better off, I believed we would be able to form better trade deals, I believed that the EU was holding us back. I didn’t understand all the facts.

But now I do.

And what I can’t seem to get out of my head is the extreme from the Leave side of things, the whole No-Deal thing... It is extreme; it is crazy; it is just madness!

It has gone into a “We want what we voted for, at any cost…” and surely – as someone who voted to leave – you want what is best for your country, regardless whether it is Leave or Remain. You surely want what is best. So, surely you take a step back. I am struggling to understand the mentality behind this extreme.

The Remain side has its extreme too, to revoke the Article 50 option. But to revoke the Article 50 option is a sensible option at this point. It is the sensible thing to do.

The logical thing to do – probably the fair thing to do, now that we have all the facts – would be to have a second referendum. It is the fair thing to do. All the facts are out there.

If someone could explain the extreme to me of “Give us what we want, regardless of the consequences…” because I don’t get it.

I voted Leave because I wanted what was best for my country, and it turns out what is best for my country is not what I voted for. So, I changed my mind.🔷

Andy Martin. / Twitter - @AndyMartin1175

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