When Boris Johnson’s Isle of Man plastic-wrapped kipper false EU regulation claim ends up in yet another blunder.

First published in July 2019.

At yesterday’s final hustings of the Conservatives leadership contest, Boris Johnson displayed a plastic-wrapped kipper that he claimed was coming from a fish smoker on the Isle of Man.

“After decades of sending them through the post like this he has had his costs massively increased by Brussels bureaucrats who are insisting that each kipper must be accompanied by a plastic ice pillow... Pointless, pointless, expensive, environmentally damaging ‘elf and safety’.”

Except that:

1. The Isle of Man is not in the European Union.

Constitution. / Isle of Man Government

2. The European Commission hit back today by pointing at a British government advice, which has nothing to do with EU regulations.

Distance selling, mail order and delivery. / UK Gov - Food Standards Agency

A EU Commission spokesperson told journalists in Brussels this afternoon, “The case described by Mr Johnson falls outside the scope of the EU legislation and it’s purely a UK national competence, so I hope this is clear and the rules must be checked with the national authorities.”

Watch Boris Johnson being fact-checked on Sky News:

18 July 2019. / Sky News

Boris Johnson, who will certainly become the next British Prime Minister next week, needs to double-check his facts before making a speech or entering into a negotiation with other country leaders, otherwise the UK will simply lose what is left of its reputation in the world.

The problem with Boris Johnson’s Isle of Man plastic-wrapped kipper false EU regulation claim is that, as he is indeed going to become the next PM, there is much to worry about the way he might transform the role of British Prime Minister in the way Donald Trump has transformed the role of President of the United States, i.e. fake claims, fake news and lies.

With Johnson Mayor of London, we got a vanity projects. With Johnson MP, we got a big red NHS bus and Brexit. What should we expect of PM Johnson next?🔷

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