Here is a very honest account by Phil, from Birmingham. He voted Leave in the 2016 EU Referendum as a protest vote against David Cameron and the Tories, but now wants a People’s Vote to vote Remain.

First published in November 2018.

Brexit is what got me involved in politics. I hadn’t really bothered paying much attention before this, though I grew up in a Labour household.

I already knew that trusting the headlines from Leave and Remain wasn’t going to be enough because of the lies or the outright fearmongering. So, I tried to do my own research into the pros and the cons of the European Union, but two years to do this is impossible for an ordinary citizen.

As my involvement in politics progressed, I also began paying more attention to the parties. I quickly learned that the Tories do not reflect my views at all. And seeing David Cameron telling me how bad things would be if we left the European Union, as if he had any clue how bad things already were, pushed me towards the Leave vote, mainly as a two-finger salute to him.

I was surprised when Leave won, and a bit happy... But my vision of Leave (continued free movement, customs union and single market access) turned out to be different from the Leave that has been pursued.

After looking into this further, I understand that Brexit, in this path, is not a good plan. It will not benefit the country or the majority of the population. And the prospect of the Tories having free rule over the UK, following our departure from the European Union, just terrifies me!

In light of all this, I would now definitely vote Remain if we had another vote tomorrow. The EU provides many benefits to our country, and while it is not perfect and without problems (nothing is!), it is better to be a part of something and try to change it from a position of influence and power.

My Leave vote was mostly in protest at the delusional and out of touch Conservatives. Seeing a shift to the right throughout Europe also worries me.

But ultimately, I wish I had voted Remain.🔷

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[This is an original piece, first published by the author in on 14 November 2018 . | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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