Rob from Messingham, Northern England, voted Leave over the inability for the UK to lead in Europe. A Remainer Now, he wants a final say on the deal negotiated with the EU in another referendum.

First published in August 2019.

I voted to leave in 2016 as I was (at the time) concerned about the further federalisation of the European Union, and our inability to be leaders in the EU.

I saw the EU (and still do) as run by France and Germany with other countries as bolt-ons to their plans to dominate proceedings and the like. The way Greece was treated, for instance, was abhorrent and demonstrated the one-rule system operated by the EU hierarchy.

The referendum was called for Tory Party self-serving purposes. It was a miscalculated action called on by David Cameron so he could be seen as the one who silenced the Eurosceptics within the party once and for all, something previous leaders had failed to do. A vote to remain would have silenced them for a generation and the Tory Party would have united.

The miscalculation became apparent after the referendum result was announced. It was an ill-managed referendum. Poorly run with a distinct lack of actual facts presented to the UK population. Both sides peddled lies, mistruths and the stretching of facts mixed in with the use of could instead of will, maybe instead of definitely. Had the facts been presented by non-politicians and in fact-checked information, I believe the result would have been different.

The Brexit situation has destroyed UK politics.

It has demonstrated that ALL politicians and ALL parties only have their self-interests at heart. I call it windsock politics. They see which way the wind is blowing and then set a policy to suit them. I’m done with it.

I am embarrassed by what Brexit has done to my country. We have lost so much in GDP whilst Theresa May (THE worst PM I have had to endure) acted out a play act concocted between her and the EU.

We now have the upsurge of the right, Farage and a team of ne’er do wells that in any up and coming election will end up holding the balance of power. Labour is too left wing and weak to do anything about it and can’t make a decision unless Momentum, Seamus Milne or Len McCluskey say it’s OK.

There are 8-10 million disenfranchised centre ground voters who won’t vote Labour or Tory. They – we – hold the balance of power.

We need another referendum on the EU, and it has to be a strongly and properly conducted one. No lies, no busses, no project fear. Just the facts. Anything unsure to be left out – let’s be told what will happen.

May made a deal with the EU, but why haven’t we, the public, been told what it entails. TV, radio, social media or a leaflet through the door? Let us make our minds up – not the ship-jumping unrepresentative MPs that fill the House of Shame.

I now see that staying in and fighting from within is the best way. I don’t want to be shafted by Trump in any trade deal that, despite what we are told, will include our NHS. That leaves us selling kipper smoking equipment to the Faroe Islands as that is all we have got agreed.

The EU haven’t helped, but they have been consistent in all these proceedings – which has to be admired.

Now, we are the laughing stock, not just of Europe but the world, and it will take a generation to get our credibility back, irrespective of what happens next. A political revolution would help but that would mean voting out 650 MPs but no party or people of any standing or ability to replace them. God help us.🔷

By Rob Richardson.

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[This is an original piece, first published by the author in on 7 August 2019 . | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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