Some Remainers are tired of fighting and can’t see how to stop Brexit with Boris Johnson in Number 10. Remember, Britain didn’t vote for no-deal in the first place. Don’t give up now!

First published in August 2019.

This could very well be the most important time period of most of our lives. What happens over the course of the next few months could shape the future of our country for possibly decades to come.

A damaging no-deal brexit could very easily become a very real possibility if we just sit back and let it happen. I know this has been a long battle and I know that after October 31, regardless of what happens, the problems and divisions in Britain are still likely to continue. People will still feel let down by their government, by their MPs and even by their friends and family who voted differently to them in the referendum.

I understand that people are tired. Fed up with the whole Brexit issue dragging on into a seemingly never ending future. However it has never been so important that we make sure our voices are still heard. That we don’t just simply fade into the background and quietly let the hard no-deal Brexit contingent just stroll to victory.

When I stated earlier this year that I had changed my mind from Leave to Remain, the amount of support, encouragement and understanding I had from people who had voted differently to me, who had voted to Remain, was simply incredible. I had found a community of warm, kind, open minded people who were prepared to welcome me and offer a friendly hand to me even though I had voted to possibly place their future in jeopardy.

You made my changing my mind so much easier. You have made me proud of who I am and of who I am trying to be at this moment in time. I am trying to let the world know that it is ok to change your mind. That people have changed their minds. That Britain didn’t vote for a no-deal brexit. That I didn’t vote to be poorer. That I didn’t vote for people to lose their jobs. That I didn’t vote to turn our backs on our closest friends and neighbours.

I can shout these things loud and proud because you all believed in me. You accepted me for the mistake I made and you let me know that it is ok to change your mind. I have something important to fight for and I will keep fighting, doing all I can until we end this madness.

You stood behind me and patted me on the back for doing the right thing and now I would like to say this to you.

Please keep going. Please don’t give up on this. I have read a lot of comments from people saying they are tired of fighting and that they can’t see us stopping this. That with Boris Johnson in number 10 it is as good as over.

I say it is not.

I say the real fight starts now. I say we shout louder than we ever have. That we let our government know loud and clear that we will not allow them to force an irresponsible no-deal Brexit on us. That we must be allowed a say in this.

You had faith and hope in me, and I want you to know that I have the same faith in you. That I believe that together we can make a real difference and shape our country’s future for the better. Britain has changed its mind on Brexit and Britain didn’t vote for no-deal in the first place.

Please stay vocal, get louder if you can and have hope. We CAN stop Brexit and save Britain.

We still have time.🔷

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[This is an original piece, first published by the author in on 8 August 2019. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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