Another week of fact-checked and unmissable politics in videos, in case you missed it. Featuring Elizabeth Harrington, Lord Lamont, Ruth Lea, Christian Picciolini, Tucker Carlson, Justin King, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, John Redwood and Sajid Javid.

First published in August 2019.

5 August 2019 — BBC, Newsnight.

When Emily Maitlis challenged Elizabeth Harrington on the lack of gun laws in America, the Republican spokeswoman claimed it is actually Britain that has the bigger problem with knife crime.

🗣 Elizabeth Harrington: “The President has condemned white nationalism over 16 times… no-one is to blame for these heinous, despicable, evil acts other than the perpetrators.”
🎙️ Emily Maitlis: “Are the deaths we see from mass gun crime worth the freedom of your gun laws?”
🗣 E.H: “In America we do not have an epidemic of knife stabbings like you do in your country.

Elizabeth Harrington, 5 August 2019. / BBC, Newsnight

The fact is that on the claim “In America we do not have an epidemic of knife stabbings like you do in your country”, it does seem that the United States are worse on knife (as well as the obvious on guns!) than the UK:

6 August 2019 — BBC, Newsnight.

When Emily Maitlis challenged Lord Lamont on the no-deal scenario contemplated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the former Chancellor thinks a lot of the criticisms are exagerated...

🎙️ Emily Maitlis: “This is far from not ideal, it is a horrendous outcome.”
🗣 Lord Lamont: “I don’t believe it’s horrendous and I don’t believe it’s catastrophic… I think you’re exagerating.”
🎙️ E.M: “I am not exagerating, I am telling you what industry leaders have told us on Newsnight. I wonder why a former Chancellor would not believe them.”
🗣 L.L: “I don’t believe there will be shortage of supplies for medicine... There might be a transitional problem... it may be a short term blip.”

Lord Lamont, 6 August 2019. / BBC, Newsnight

6 August 2019 — BBC News, Papers Review.

When Ruth Lea, Economic Adviser at Arbuthnot Banking Group, interrupted her fellow paper-reviewer to ask him whether he was making up figures as he was quoting them from an article about the cost of Brexit...

🗣 Ruth Lea: You are making the figures up now.
🗣 Guest: “No, these are government figures.”
🗣 R.L: “You are making the figures up the United Kingdom.”
🗣 Guest: “No, these are the figures from the UK Treasury itself.”
🗣 R.L: “I don’t believe. They just made them up.”
🗣 Guest: “All fake news, is it?”
🗣 R.L: “I was in the Treasury. I made figures up when I was in the Treasury.”
🎙️ BBC Ben Brown: “Really?”
🗣 Guest: “Wow!”
🗣 R.L: “Well. No... I... I... I forecast, I estimated things...”
🎙️ BBC Ben Brown: “So, you didn’t make them up, did you?”
🗣 R.L: “Oh no... I didn’t make them up...

Ruth Lea, 6 August 2019. / BBC News

6 August 2019 — CNN, Cuomo Prime Time.

When Chris Cuomo talked to a former white supremacist, Christian Picciolini, on how to fight extremist narratives that lead to terrorist attack like the ones in El Paso and Dayton last week.

6 August 2019 — Fox News.

When Fox News host Tucker Carlson told his viewers that white supremacy is a hoax...

Tucker Carlson, 6 August 2019. / Fox News

Remember what the FBI director said at an FBI budget request hearing before the House Appropriations Committee:

“The danger, I think, of white supremacists, violent extremism or another kind of extremism is, of course, significant... We assess that it is a persistent, pervasive threat.

7 August 2019 — BBC Radio 4, BBCPM

When the former-Sainsburys CEO Justin King told Evan Davis that he knew more about supply chains than Michael Gove.

🗣 Justin King: “He is standing in Dover With the greatest of respect, Michael Gove knows politics, I know supply chains. Anything other than silky smooth at our borders, instantly, on 31 October and the 1 November and thensforth, will have very significant impact on food availability and fresh food. The idea of stockpilling is a red herring, in my view, and therefore it has to be solved by seamless borders and no-deal Brexit by its very definition does not intend seamless borders. That is the point of no-deal Brexit.”

Justin King, 7 August 2019. / BBC Radio 4

8 August 2019 — BBC Radio 5 Live

When Emma Barnett spoke to Brexit Party MEP Annunziata Rees-Mogg about her work as an MEP and tried to understand what the point of her being an MEP at all is... Seems she does not even know it herself!

Annunziata Rees-Mogg, 8 August 2019. / BBC Radio 5 Live

9 August 2019 — BBC News.

When John Redwood appeared on BBC News with his typical Brexiter smug attitude and gets told the UK shrinking economy is caused by Brexit and that it could get worse...

🗣 John Redwood: “Well, we’re not as weak as Germany or Italy.”

John Redwood MP, 9 August 2019. / BBC News

Mr Redwood...
1. Brexiters promised the UK would be better off with Brexit. It was a lie.
2. What is there exactly to rejoice, or satisfying in seeing our closest allies’ economies struggling too? Show some respect. Have you no sense of decency?

9 August 2019 - ITV News

Finally, when Joel Hills literally grilled the new Chancellor on the shrinking UK economy and whether Sajid Javid believes that no-deal will eventually damage the UK economy... (bonus: including Sajid Javid’s magic trick, “Why don’t you interview yourself then?”)

🎙️ Joel Hills: “A no-deal will damage the economy?”
🗣 Sajid Javid: Of course... No, no... I’m not saying that...

Sajid Javid grilled by Joel Hills, 9 August 2019. / ITV News

More unmissable politics next week...🔷

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[This is an original piece, first published by the author in on 12 August 2019. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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