If you think Boris Johnson cannot be trusted with your house, what makes you think you can trust him with this country?

First published in August 2019.

Some people say one should not judge politicians on their character but their actions as elected officials.

I don’t agree with that assertion. I am not here talking about the politicians’ private lives – that would deserve yet another piece to argue about that too... No, I am talking about their principles. What they stand for. What their politics is about. What they have in their guts.

Unfortunately, Brexit has had the effect of unmasking some politicians and show them for what they really are... hypocrites. They are the shameless new Brexiters who, for a job in the Cabinet, were recently ready to sell their soul to the evil Brexit brain-eaters who now control Number 10. They shamelessly change their minds... so you don’t have to.

I say “unfortunately” because what we all expect from our elected officials is to be honest with us, voters. To say things as they are, as painful as they can be sometimes. To tell us the truth, not a half-baked alternative-facts-based truth. The real truth.

Boris Johnson

As for Boris Johnson, for those who didn’t know him as mayor of London between 2008 and 2016 – lucky yous!, he is well known in the Capital for being averse to the very idea of anything that resembles the truth in politics. He believes in a mixture of lies, alternative facts and populism instead. Johnson is a demagogue, a master in the art of spinning what he said, didn’t say, might have said, nearly said, would have said, wouldn’t say, could have said, couldn’t say, really meant to say and will probably soon say.

As long as he is not put under the spotlight...

Remember Boris Johnson with Andrew Neil? / BBC, 12 July 2019.

Johnson believes that his bonhomie, Latin quotes and occasional gaffes, together with his humour (which he must consider a strength) gets him to where he wants to be: building trust through laughter, which comes with its own benefits, the audience being under his spell. He will not hesitate to tell them what he thinks they want to hear so that he wins them over. And if he fails to win them over the first time, he will try again by telling them the exact opposite of what they might have heard the first time. One way or another they will either like him or hate him. You will either like him or hate him. Boris Johnson is the epitome of Marmite.

Remember Boris Johnson and his kipper fish stunt? / Sky News, 18 July 2019.

Boris Johnson is the man who can one day tell you that you shouldn’t buy that new house because it is obviously not a good investment, the foundations are weak, there is a bad smell coming from the kitchen, the bedrooms are smaller than yours, the paint is awful, there is going to be a lot of work to do to refurbish it – so a lot of extra-spending too, the neighbourhood looks terrible with trash everywhere, people don’t look too pleased to see you – apart from that creepy old man with a dirty blond wig who is sitting in front of the telly in his front yard and who keeps swearing at people in the street while tweeting on his smartphone. Really, keeping your current house close to your best friends would make more sense...

And the next day, he can tell you that you should actually buy the new house because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to move away and make new friends (maybe), the house has great potential (when you close your eyes and imagine…), it still needs to be confirmed but the smell in the kitchen may actually come from the neighbour’s and not the kitchen (so that’s good news!), the street outside the house will soon become a road with a large influx of traffic which means more opportunities to discover so many different types of cars from your windows and see so many people too, and by the way the chap from that new estate agency nobody has ever heard of in town looks really nice, smiley and knowledgeable in his dark-collared tan-coloured coat of the kind that makes you look respectable and trustworthy. All good then!

But the truth is... Boris Johnson does not know anything about houses. And who cares anyway? Nobody is going to find out. Nobody cares...

Remember Boris Johnson in Top Gear? “I write about cars, I know nothing about cars.” / BBC, 20 January 2010.

That’s the kind of man Boris Johnson is. And he is the Prime Minister too.

If you think Johnson cannot be trusted with your house, what makes you think you can trust him with this country?

Remember Boris Johnson being grilled by Eddie Mair? / BBC, Andrew Marr Show, 2013.

Now, good luck with that new house...🔷

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[This is an original piece, first published by the author in PoliticsMeansPolitics.com on 13 August 2019. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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