Settled Status, Brits in the EU in limbo, the loss of Freedom of Movement for 65 million people, many of whom were not old enough to vote in 2016. Where does it end?

First published in August 2019.

• A week ago the People’s Vote campaign announced a change of date for what was expected to be the biggest protests in UK history from 12 October to 19 October.
• A lot of supporters who had planned to attend had, however, already booked planes, trains, hotels...
• This is when the Final Say For All team jumped in and decided to organise a rally for all people’s rights on 12 October. Rally 4 Our Rights was born.

Following the change in date of the People’s Vote march, social media became awash with messages from people who had already paid for their travel to London on 12 October.

In order to make sure that those people had not made the financial commitment in vain, we decided to make the most out of the situation and organise a rally for those who are unable to change their travel plans. Rally 4 Our Rights was born.

The Rally 4 Our Rights (#R4OR) protest will thus take place on 12 October in central London. It will be a static protest, not a march. It comes in addition to the People’s Vote march on 19 October.

What is Rally 4 Our Rights about?

#R4OR is firstly for people who could not change their plans to go to the march on 19 October. It will be smaller, have a serious tone, and will be different to the usual march-crowd-speeches format (which works very well for larger numbers, by the way).

This is an attempt to make something additional and positive out of the date change for the big march and not let those tickets, plans, and trips to London go to waste. All involved will also be promoting (and most will be at) the march on the 19 October as well.

If you can choose, but can only go to one event, please go to the 19 October march. It is bigger and more important. It can command attention due to the numbers and the high profile people invoved in and appearing at it. We think it’s very important that it isn’t undermined or detracted from, no matter what anyone’s views is about organisational issues.

A number of groups are involved in running #R4OR, including @FinalSayForAll, @RemainerNow, @Farmers4EU, @VoicesForEurope, @InLimboBrexit and @BrexpatsHOV.

Where is Rally 4 Our Rights?

We have, understandably, had a number of queries about the location of the rally. Despite trying very hard to be able to reveal that information, unfortunately we cannot just yet.

Under normal circumstances, we would have organised everything and only then announced the rally. These are, however, extraordinary circumstances. Our decision to organise this event was only made 8 days ago due to the change of date for the People’s Vote march.

We need permission to hold this event and these things take time. We have plenty of time before 12 October, but there is no way to fast track the process. Until then, we are prohibited from revealing the location. We do not want to jeopardise the event by breaking that rule.

There are some things we can reveal now. #R4OR will not try to replicate the other excellent and much bigger pro-Remain events, and it will be serious, peaceful and determined, and by those people who are not usually given a voice, but who have the most to lose from Brexit, and particularly No-Deal.

How many rights will they have to take away? How many lives will they have to ruin? How many families will they have to break before they are finished?

Join us to get our voices heard. Join us to let a message be heard that sends a shockwave down the corridors of power. We will not be silenced. We are not the minority. If the 5 million had been able to vote, the leave campaign would have lost by a landslide. Stand with us and #R4OR and tell those in power that we demand our rights.

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[This is an original piece, based on various tweets by @Rally4OurRights, and it was first published by the author in on 20 August 2019. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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