You have to begin to wonder now if Trump is stable enough to lead this country and have the keys to our nuclear arsenal, B. Jay Cooper writes.

First published in August 2019.

(WARNING: I am not a doctor. Any claims made in the following are those of a layman and not intended to be a diagnosis.)

President Trump is unhinged. Just when you think he cannot be more out of control or less of a leader than other presidents, he takes it another couple of steps forward, uh, backward.

His performance at the G-7 was embarrassing.

He actually claimed everyone got along well (Tangent: That’s not what his peers were overheard saying), and praised his host the president of France. Very un-Trump like.

He claimed the meetings were a big success yet the only true accomplishment was agreement to give a combined $20 million to Brazil to fight the fires in the Amazon. (Tangent: the President of Brazil refused to accept the money because, well, apparently because he may be as nuts as Trump.)

The communique, which normally takes months to negotiate and then be made final by the principals at the meeting was in effect scratched after Trump’s performances in his first G-7 meetings.

Among Trump’s ‘accomplishments’ at the meeting:

- He relinquished the USA’s role as the world’s leader.

- He flipped before he flopped on several matters including the China trade war, first calling the Chinese president an “enemy” of the United States and then saying he was a fabulous man. (Tangent: He also called the chairman of the Fed, a Trump appointee, an enemy of the United States, and didn’t take back that insult.)

- He pitched his failing Doral resort as the next site for a G-7 meeting, which the U.S. will host. He said it had “bungalows” that house 50-70 people. (Tangent: A “bungalow” is defined as, well, not something that holds 50-70 people but far more intimate.)

- He touted Doral’s mass amounts of parking (Tangent: As if these G-7 leaders need parking).

- In spite of his promises to not make money while he was president because he is leveraging the presidency for himself, he pitched Doral as he did when he was a developer in the private sector. Likely which will lead to a violation of the Constitution, but the courts will decide that at some point.

- He praised his trade war with China even though his Agriculture Secretary was meeting with farmers at about the same time and the farmers were not happy. Total American agricultural exports to China were $24 billion in 2014 and fell to $9.1 billion last year, according to the American Farm Bureau. Instead of running their farms and businesses, the farmers are being paid out of a fund Trump set up to make up for some of their losses. (Tangent: Who says his trade war doesn’t affect you and me?)

- As the TV barkers say, “And that’s not all!” Now, the China Trade War is also affecting U.S. manufacturers that Trump claims to be saving. As farmers have to cut back on their business, Deere and Company, makers of farm equipment, are losing orders because the farmers don’t need equipment when their businesses are losing money.

- Trump held a press conference for more than an hour where he lied, made up “facts” and when a black journalist asked him a question he said, “I know you like President Obama” instead of answering her question which was why he continues to lie about Obama’s alleged role in Russia taking (Tangent: Yes, taking as in militarily annexing) Crimea.

- On top of that, Trump spent a bunch of his time at the meeting arguing for Russia to be let back into the G-7 even though the group unanimously banned Russia after the aforementioned taking of Crimea and Russia has done nothing to rectify the violations that led to its expulsion.

- He praised his BFF North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un as a good man, not long after Kim violated UN sanctions by testing nuclear missiles, which Trump says is OK with him even though he claims to want North Korea to give up its nukes.

I know I’m missing a few other matters involving Trump at the meeting. Oh, but I can’t forget that Trump claimed to get a couple of calls from senior Chinese officials regarding getting back to the negotiating table. (Tangent: That didn’t happen. Trump was conflating a few things. Oh, and by the way, it’s not typical for senior officials of any government to call the leader of another country.)

So, remembering the warning that leads this post – President Trump is around the bend, over the hill, loopy, maybe mentally unstable. And if you didn’t believe it before, you have to at least begin to wonder now if he’s stable enough to lead this country and have the keys to our nuclear arsenal.

This isn’t funny anymore (Tangent: It never was funny.).🔷

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[This piece was originally published on The Screamimng Moderate and re-published in PMP Magazine on 28 August 2019, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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