B. Jay Cooper reminds Members of the US Congress of both sides that it is their sworn duty to the country and their constituents to be honest in listening to and participating in the Impeachment Inquiry against Donald Trump.

First published in October 2019.

Dear Members of Congress,

We are at a key moment in our country’s history.

President Trump during his campaign and his years in office has been offering up alternative facts, as his counselor likes to call them, or lies, as the rest of us call them.

He has pointed an accusing finger at legitimate news organizations who have done fabulous reporting during his Administration. Yet, Trump yells “fake news” simply when he doesn’t like their stories and while some believe him, you all, to a man and woman, know that he’s lying.

Facts, now, have two versions: the truth, and Trump’s truth. This cannot stand for our country to survive as the leader of the world.

Now, an impeachment inquiry has started. By its name, this is a search for facts, for the truth. Did the President ask his counterpart in Ukraine to investigate his political rival? If he did, was there a conscious and conspiratorial cover-up to hide what he did?

Seems to me an easy yes or no can be decided if a fair inquiry is conducted. One where facts rule. As the Democrats move to call witnesses and subpoena documents, will you Republicans be honestly looking for the facts? Or, will you continue to pretend to believe a president who has a lifelong history of lying and cheating because you fear for your own job?

And, will you Democrats stick to the facts and skip the political posturing?

A couple of Republicans have spoken up at least to say an inquiry should take place, a search for the truth. Republicans will you, though, actually participate in that search or pounce on talking points given to you by the White House? Democrats, will you spout talking point blather from the Democratic National Committee?

Impeachment is one of the most serious things the Congress can consider. Accusing and maybe convicting a President of the United States of high crimes and misdemeanors is serious business. Not only will your country mates be watching and listening closely, the world will be watching to see if our democracy still deserves the admiration we’ve enjoyed for hundreds of years. Or will we show them we’ve divided into camps, shouting and screaming rather than a democracy talking and debating? Will you blindly choose party over country or conduct an honest inquiry for the truth?

Republicans may already believe the president is innocent of any wrongdoing. Democrats may go into this inquiry ready to file articles of impeachment.

But, please, each of you — stop. Consider the facts.

Please pay close attention to the inquiry to see if your preconceived notion is wrong. Pay attention and react honestly. You’re supposed to. It’s your sworn duty to the country and your constituents.

Just as President Trump may have violated the oath of office he took, you are being asked to be true to your oath of office, your pledge to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. Will you? Can you put aside party and act on the facts presented? That’s what we elected you to do.

Why did the President use his private attorneys to try to get dirt on Joe Biden from Ukraine? He runs the biggest government in the world with agencies whose job it is to interact with other governments and which has folks on salary who investigate for a living. Did the President seem to try to extort a personal “favor” from the Ukrainian president?

This country unfortunately has been settling in camps, let’s call them Republican and Democrat. Please put that aside for this inquiry.

Please be honest in listening to and participating in the inquiry to assure it is done fairly and honestly.

Then vote based on the arrived at facts, not the Twitter accounts of the President or any of his opponents.

Please. The world will be watching.

Let’s show them we’re still the model of a type of government that they should aspire to be.🔷

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[This piece was originally published on The Screaming Moderate and re-published in PMP Magazine on 4 October 2019, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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