Liz Truss, who herself changed her mind on Brexit to become a Brexiter (perhaps for careerist reasons), claimed no one has changed their minds on Brexit. She uses the claim as an argument against a People’s Vote. Shall we look at the evidence, then?

First published in March 2019. | Updated in October 2019.

Liz Truss supporting Remain back in 2016. / Twitter - @TrussLiz

Liz Truss grilled by Eddie Mair on holding a second referendum. / LBC

Firstly, Liz Truss, let’s look at what polling shows.

Here we have the YouGov Bregret Tracker. This shows there has been a majority thinking that Brexit is wrong since August 2017 and the figure is only increasing (48%). It does not take into account the last 2 weeks’ shambles however.

Where we stand on Brexit, 1 March 2019. / YouGov

Here is the 20k+ Survation online poll published in November 2018:

Online poll of 20090 people aged 18+, 20 Oct–2 Nov 2018. / Survation

Now, let’s move onto personal stories.

Fran from South Wales was on Sky News just a few days ago explaining how she voted Leave, has since changed her mind and is a Remainer Now. She would love a People’s Vote to have a final say for the sake of her grandkids.

Sky News

Or perhaps let’s examine Lewis here, he has also changed his mind and really wants the chance to express it, but people like you are refusing to give him a chance.

Lewis voted Leave in 2016, but he is a Remainer Now. Last week, he called James O’Brien on LBC to talk about it and even ended up giving some advice on how to engage with other Leave voters to try and make them become Remainers Now too.

Do listen to what he had to say:


Or perhaps this lady from Hartlepool does not exist?

She was on BBC News last week and she has pretty clearly changed her mind. Why? Because it is clear that there were so many mistruths. She now just wants to stop Brexit.

BBC News

Alternatively, Liz Truss, what do you say about these two chaps that Channel 4 NewsJon Snow met in Egham last week?

One of them abstained in 2016, but now really regrets it and would vote Remain. The other voted Leave, but he too changed his mind as there was no plan and he thinks it has now gone “tits up”.

They have both changed their mind and want a chance to reconsider. In your mind, are they just a figment of our imagination?

Channel 4 News

So, Liz Truss, those are just four examples of people who have changed their minds. Many more of them have already appeared in the media and we have been collecting them for the last year. Many are on our #RemainerNow YouTube channel.

It may also be an idea for you to read some of the numerous articles written by those who voted Leave and have changed their mind. Here is one from Sean in The Independent, as an example. Pretty compelling case to put it to the people, or does he not exist either?

If you want to read some of the many other articles from regretful Leavers, we have collated many examples on our website (and many available to read in PMP Magazine too). It could be a good education for you before you next lie on the radio...

What about these ladies? They are just some examples of the people all the grassroots campaigners from all over the UK meet at street stalls. Do they class as “no one”? Or are you, in fact, full of nonsense?


Or what about you meet with some of us from #RemainerNow in Parliament some time? We did visits in April 18, October 18 and Jan 19 to meet MPs. Why not join next time?

Here is a snippet from when we came in October:

So, Liz Truss, these were just a few examples to show you that you are wrong.

You could also follow us on Twitter or on Facebook to see people regularly speaking up about changing their minds on Brexit and take that on board before making a fool of yourself on the radio!🔷

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[This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article on 24 March 2019, with the author’s consent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.]

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