An inspired Tom Moriarty on the choice in the General Election between voting for a regressive society where people are exploited and economically oppressed, and a decent, less abusive, happier and healthier future.

First published in November 2019.

When the extreme right talk about ‘freedom’, what they mean is the freedom to be abusive, offensive, bigoted, sexist and racist. The freedom to pay no tax. They complain they are oppressed and carp on about the need for a ‘debate’ on subjects where society has, seemingly behind their back, already moved on.

When it comes to commerce the Right believe that business should be free to exploit, without rules or regulations to protect people above profit. It is one of the main reasons for Brexit: to do away with EU regulations that protect workers and their rights. The Right don’t want them to have any.

We have all heard many times the rantings of people like Lord Ashcroft and his mates banging on about how we should all bow down at the altar of capitalism, whilst they bang on about patriotism and relocate to Malta or whichever haven best hides their tax swerving ill gotten gains.

And this is the party of the person currently masquerading as the Prime Minister. He was put there by them... for them, and most certainly not for the benefit of most of us – who they wish to exploit and make poorer, economically oppressed... in the name of ‘freedom’.

They love that word ‘freedom’. It is such a great word for conning people. The entire Brexit campaign was based around people’s want for freedom, hence the language of the Brexit ‘conpaign’. It was all about being “tethered” and “caged”, and it was all an absolute lie.

They will of course continue to use this rhetoric. It is the language of, ironically, dictatorship. Many dictators will talk about freeing the people from a conjured up source of oppression, some fictional enemy...

And when they have painted a picture of an enemy, they want all of society to be free to discriminate against them, oppress them, hate them, abuse them, attack them verbally and physically. This is their ‘freedom’, i.e. they want society to be like them.

However, society has evolved. We do move on. The reason they whinge so much is because they are left behind, incapable of progress. So they stand on the coat tails of humanity acting as a drag on our enlightenment. And people suffer because of it.

So, if you want an abusive regressive society where people are exploited and economically oppressed, where you will become poorer – a fractured and unhealthy society, in terms of cohesion and indeed health – then vote by all means for the idiot puppet in Downing Street.

If you want a decent, less abusive, happier and healthier future, vote for people that also want that.

Whatever happens, for the future of a Britain we all want to be Great, we must rid ourselves of the disease that are this government and its ideology. It is destroying us.

It is interesting to note that the trolls on social media at no point attempt to deny or defend that this is what they represent... as usual preferring instead to use the equivalence arguments and call everyone else extremists... to deflect from their callous ideology.🔷

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[This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article on 24 November 2019, with the author’s consent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.]

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