It has come out that Trump had known all about the whistleblower, which likely led to him unfreezing aid for the Ukraine.

First published in November 2019.

One of Trump’s unsung skills is his ability to act surprised about things he already knew about. This is matched only by the American people’s ability to act surprised about anything Trump does anymore.

This latest news story exemplifies his tendency to grab any useful information while trying to manipulate it to his advantage. At the same time, it also exemplifies his contempt for workers of any kind.

I have seen Twitter hashtags of the alleged identity of the whistleblower. Whether they are true or not, it will also be no surprise if it comes out that Trump has known their identity all along. In fact, I believe everyone in Washington already knows who it is. They are just forced to keep quiet under what has become a transparent veil of promised protection, one that seems to grow thinner and thinner as the impeachment hearings progress.

Team Trump doesn’t want a name. They probably already have it. Team Trump only wants a license to go ahead and destroy the person.

One could say that Trump’s desire to destroy the whistleblower – along with any voice of dissent among those who work for him – is unprecedented. However, given the world he comes from, it is not.

Whatever Trump supporters have to say about the swamp of government bureaucracy, it pales in comparison to the sewage pool that is the average workplace autocracy – that and the many oligarchs of middle management that control it.

In the working world, anonymity is a joke when it comes to people with genuine grievances against their workplace.

As Trump’s office has demonstrated since its beginning, most big bosses only need a few upper echelon underlings, along with a sycophant or two who have their eyes on something better than they would ever earn on their own. The rest are staff who want nothing more than to do their job and maybe not feel too terrible while doing it.

These mini-boss scenarios are actually quite effective at squashing dissent in the workplace. Particularly if the group is small. Pity the poor person who makes a complaint about an abusive environment. Even if that information doesn’t come their way, it will be even more obvious who is doing the complaining.

Information will spread. Names will be named. Maybe they can’t say anything to your face, but that just means that psychological warfare can commence.

In my past work experiences alone, while going through proper channels with complaints, I have been ostracized, conspired against, gaslighted, threatened, falsely accused, and been forced to give up workspace and resources to less qualified staff (who were being groomed to take over my job).

I took the abuse for as long as I had to. I moved on even after those who harassed had left, leaving my place employment to feel like scorched earth after they had their way with it.

This was all while everything was “confidential.”

Today, if anything happened to me while at my job, how quick do you think I would be to complain?

You can praise Trump for saving taxpayers money by having fewer people in his employ, but there’s the real reason for cutting staff: to remove the possibility of anyone becoming insubordinate.

It may not take much longer before the White House consists of Trump, his most faithful co-conspirators, and those with few enough scruples to keep their heads down before their pundit and/or reality TV deals come in.

The average response for anyone dealing with a toxic work environment is to either take it and wait it out or leave. With Trump treating the country like the staff in one of his hotels, can we wait that long?

What would a scorched earth oval office look like? And quite literally, where would one go from here?🔷

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