Has Remain disappeared from this election? I know there are millions of Remainers. I know they can act.

First published in December 2019.

Has remain disappeared from this election?

As far as the mass media are concerned, it almost looks like it.

Boris Johnson just repeats he will ‘get Brexit done’.

Labour talks about anything but Brexit – it is trying to erase Brexit from the election. It is constructing an alternative reality where this is ‘just a normal election’ as if the cliff edge of disaster wasn’t hanging over us in 2 months’ time. Again. This is a huge gamble. Absolutely irresponsible as it makes the Johnson Brexit a lot more likely.

The only people who would be happy to risk that are people who are not Remainers. People who either don’t mind Brexit or actively want it.

So, where are the Remainers?

It is really quite unbelievable that, even after three and a half years, Remainers only have a few smaller parties championing them. And at least the Lib Dems have been attacked viciously since the very second this election was confirmed. And for what? For being the party of Remain. The SNP has been attacked a lot less – partly because Scotland is now seen on its way out and they don’t compete directly with other parties outside Scotland.

If you watched only mainstream media and if you read only mainstream news, you would increasingly have to look for Brexit. And you would be hard pressed to find opposition to Brexit.

Just try to imagine how different this would be if there was a second referendum. No one would be able to hide then.

The big parties are fighting in a self-created land of make-believe where Brexit either doesn’t exist (Labour) or is a word without connection to huge, disastrous real life consequences (Conservatives).

This is an insult to voters.

And voters, it seems, have had enough. After all it is the voters who will have to live with the consequences of Brexit. The top politicians will be relatively safe.

Remain may have disappeared from the mainstream discourse, but remainers are still alive and, perhaps, finally kicking.

There are a lot of Remainers in this country. Apparently they are a majority now. And while many seem to be content, as always, to be owned by ‘their’ party and follow it blindly to whatever delusional disaster they will create, many others seem now resolved to take matters into their own hands.

In the rigged and rotten British voting system, voters have much less power than in most countries. A friend of mine who is in his fifties has never cast a vote that ‘counted’ because he never voted for the MP that actually got into parliament. He spent his entire political life disenfranchised although he voted at every opportunity.

But resourceful Remainers (resourceful in every sense) have come up with tactical voting lists and millions of Remainers seem determined to overcome their doubts and gamble their votes on tactical probabilities that may, just may, prevent the Tories from forming the next government.

And thereby, hopefully (another gamble) will prevent Brexit at the end of January, and perhaps entirely.

Those invisible Remainers are using subversive methods to maximise the little power they have in order to erase those who want to erase them.

Change is possible, even in a system like this.

It just takes a lot. A lot of determined, smart, reality-minded adults who have been pushed too far into oblivion.

I know there are millions of you, Remainers. I know you can act.

Vote to save this country.

Vote for me.🔷

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[This is an original piece, first published by the author in PoliticsMeansPolitics.com on 3 December 2019. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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