EU immigrants: You can treat our patients, wipe our bums, pick our fruit BUT know your place: you are just second class citizens. Brits in Europe: How utterly silly of you to treat the EU27 country you moved to like your home.

First published in December 2019.

We are two days away from the General Election, and it is fair to say no one knows what the outcome of the vote will be.

The latest speech by Boris Johnson is sadly anti-EU citizens, promoting the idea the 5 million EU citizens and their families are second class citizens.

To all candidates in the General Election, we say this is our home and you must work towards social cohesion and unity. It really doesn’t matter where you were born, it is who you are and what you do that counts.

For the most authoritative analysis of the state of play from the perspective of an EU citizen, please read Maike Bohn’s article for CLASS.

Today is a good time to remind candidates that they will represent everyone if they are elected, including those who cannot vote, such as EU citizens.

This is why we ask you to make one last effort before election day, on Thursday: Please do ask your candidates to sign our pledge to automatically guarantee EU citizens’ rights.

We can have more impact in Westminster if we have a big number of future MPs signing our pledge. We must reach out to candidates from all parties, even if you would never vote for that party or that candidate.

How can I help?

Find your local candidates with and send a tweet to the candidates:

“As a candidate in my constituency, please pledge to give all @the3million EU citizens and family members automatic guarantee of their rights: #GE2019”

We will tweet and retweet all the pledges we receive.

Just like Nicolas in Bristol, you can go to a local hustings and publicly ask them to take a photo with the pledge, or you can contact them via email or on Twitter.

We are a grassroots organisation, and we can win only if all of us make a little effort and help to have our pledge signed by as many candidates as possible.

Let’s act now and let’s ask all our local MP candidates to sign our General Election pledge:

We have also just relaunched the #LetUsVote campaign together with Another Europe is Possible and British in Europe. We want full voting rights in general elections for EU citizens and all UK residents, and what we have seen in the manifestos of the parties is an encouraging sign.

Visit the website, sign our petition and contact your local candidates as specified on the page.

The presence of extending the voting rights franchise to migrants in the Labour manifesto is the result of the work of this joint campaign, which is dear to us as the other campaigns we are on.🔷

Dimitri Scarlato, voting rights campaigner for the3million


Did you know the3million is the leading non-profit organisation of EU citizens in the UK? If you can help their campaign to continue, you can:


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[This piece was originally published on the3million newsletter and re-published in PMP Magazine on 10 December 2019, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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