I need to have a rant. It will probably cost me followers, but right now that is the very least of my worries. Please read this piece before blocking me for criticising ‘your party’.

First published in December 2019.

We shouldn’t have lost this election. We were let down by so many different things.

Remain Alliance’s flawed strategy.

The method by which the Remain Alliance decided who stood where, was utterly flawed. I say method, it wasn’t based on polling. So, we ended up with Remain Alliance candidates standing in constituencies where it was obvious from the get go that they had no chance. Amateur hour.

Labour’s refusal to work with the other parties.

Stupid, naive and arrogant. The party has never accepted that they were lent Remainers’ votes in 2017. They took them for granted and weren’t forgiven for it. Their manifesto was okay, but they should have replaced Corbyn. Labour might have faired better, if they had joined the Remain Alliance. They would certainly have done better with another leader and by dealing properly with the issue of anti-Semitism. Most people I spoke to in real life, liked their Brexit policy, but couldn’t vote for Corbyn.

The LibDem’s failed Revoke policy.

The LibDems made it difficult for moderate Tories to vote for them by going for a revoke policy. That was too extreme for people who don’t see the 2016 referendum as fundamentally undemocratic. Those people were ignored in this General Election. They had no alternative to vote for.

The need to ‘believe’.

It was also a mistake to start the campaign saying that Jo Swinson wanted to be Prime Minister. So many times people told me that I just needed to believe. No matter how much I had done that, it wouldn’t have solved the issue of the First Past The Post system.

Fighting each other instead of fighting together.

Labour and the LibDems put so much effort into fighting each other that they both ignored their real enemy. They also sent a clear message to the electorate: a hung parliament will be a disaster because the LibDems and Labour won’t work together. I know why they did it, but it was a mistake. We spent most of our time having tribal arguments about irrelevant things, when the only one thing that mattered was getting the Tories out. The past misdemeanors of the various parties feel insignificant now. We now face something that will overshadow that all.

Tactical Voting.

LibDems and Green preventing Labour to win.

Having irrelevant tribal arguments was what we were trying to avoid by promoting tactical voting. It was never about favouring one party over another. It was about getting the Tories out, about having a chance to fight to remain in the EU.

We lost many good MPs before the campaign even began. We have lost many more tonight.

Even the Greens managed to split the vote.

The Greens preventing Labour to win.

If one more person asks me where Labour stood down, I will explode. We are Remainers! In this instance, two wrongs make a no-deal Brexit and a far-right government!

Essentially, all of the opposition parties in England failed us. They failed to do the one thing they all claimed to want: to get the Tories out.

Instead so many seats have been lost unnecessarily, because ‘cooperation’ is a taboo in UK politics.

Labour preventing the LibDems to win.

What now, then?

I wish I could say something inspiring or clever or wise. I have got nothing but anger and sadness. Anger at all the avoidable mistakes. Anger at myself for not being a better campaigner.

I should have stuck with quilting perhaps.

For now, look after yourselves and those around you.

I will try to stop comfort-eating maltesers and custard creams.

If we fight on, we have to make some changes. This isn’t a game and it is not a hobby. We need to make some hard choices and be honest about where we went wrong.🔷

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[This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article on 13 December 2019, with the author’s consent, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.]

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