It is this time of the year again... Help us choose this year’s “PMP Person of the Year”. This could be an individual or an organisation that has done the most to influence — positively or not — the political events of 2019 in Britain.

First published in December 2019.

You will remember that last year’s winner was the amazing ‘Mr Stop Brexit’, Steve Bray.

This year, the “Person of the Year 2019” will be announced on Monday 6 January 2020 together with the name of the four finalists in our Monday Edition at 10.00am (GMT) and in our magazine online at 11.00am (GMT).

We do know that not everyone will agree with our pre-selected list of nominees. Last year, for example, some readers argued that a couple of nominees should not have appeared in the list. Nominees are not selected upon their characters but the way they have influenced the political events in Britain this year. It is also important to us to give everyone a chance to choose the right person or organisation to be our magazine’s Person of the Year, because ultimately it is our readers’ choice.

The Schedule:

First Round (vote between 14-19 Dec)Readers choose among all the pre-selected nominees.
Semi-Final (vote between 20-27 Dec)Readers choose among the Top 10 semi-finalists.
Final (vote between 28 Dec-4 Jan)Readers choose their winner among the 5 finalists.
Result (Monday 6 Jan 2020)Announcement of the Person of the Year 2019.

If you would like to participate, make your choice now among the pre-selected nominees:


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