It is this time of the year again... Help us choose this year’s “PMP Person of the Year”. Choose now among the final 5 individuals and organisations that have done the most to influence — positively or not — the political events of 2019 in Britain.

First published in December 2019.

The “Person of the Year 2019” will be announced on Monday 6 January 2020 together with the name of the four finalists in our Monday Edition at 10.00am (GMT) and in our magazine online at 11.00am (GMT).

The Schedule:

First Round (14-19 Dec)Readers choose among all the pre-selected nominees. ✔ ️
Semi-Final (vote between 20-27 Dec)Readers choose among the Top 10 semi-finalists. ✔
Final (vote between 28 Dec-4 Jan)Readers choose their winner among the 5 finalists.
Result (Monday 6 Jan 2020)Announcement of the Person of the Year 2019.

If you would like to participate, make your choice now among our 5 finalists:

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   Deadline for submission: 4-Jan-2020 (11.59pm GMT)

      Dominic Grieve

      Greta Thunberg

      John Bercow

      Remainer Now

      Steve Bray

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