We asked you a month ago to help us choose our “Person of the year” 2019. And you have spoken...

First published in January 2020.

• According to our rules, our “Person of the year” could either be an individual or an organisation that had done the most to influence the political events of 2019 in Britain.

• We shortlisted 20 nominees.

• The 20 nominees became 10, before only 5 made it to the final vote.

We would like to thank all our readers who participated in the competition. This has been a fantastic opportunity for their supporters to highlight the finalists’ achievements in the political events of 2019 in Britain.

The 5 finalists were:

◦ Dominic Grieve
◦ Greta Thunberg
◦ John Bercow
◦ Remainer Now
◦ Steve Bray

Here are only some of the numerous comments we received about the finalists which we wanted to share with you today:

Dominic Grieve:
“The only grown-up in the (previous) House of Commons.”

“The politician who did the most to try to save us from the horror of Brexit. By putting Country before Party he showed himself to be an honourable man.”

Greta Thunberg:
“She has made so much of a difference to people’s everyday lives. She has taught us so much about climate change, and showed us how to stand up to people who mute our voices. Greta is a true symbol of change and determination.”

“Four of the nominees were fighting potentially existential threats to one country. The fifth (Greta) was fighting a potentially existential threat to all humanity.”
“Greta Thunberg has single-handedly made a huge impact on the public perception of the urgency of the climate crisis – Truly an inspiration.”

John Bercow:
“He was the one in a position to actually influence proceedings in parliament, and he used his authority to ensure that every side was heard.”
“Bercow was true to his office: he protected Parliament from a cavalier and overbearing executive.”

“Really small group who put in an awful lot of effort to change the narrative.”
“Generous to those who regretted voting Leave. They gave us courage to refute the claim that 17.4 million want the Brexit on offer.”

“I voted to leave the EU in 2016, but mainly as a way to let politicians who took us for granted know how I felt about them. I regretted my action soon after and now realise most of my perceived concerns were based on lies. RemainerNow has been a constant leading light in the fight back and they fully understand my position!”

Steve Bray:
“Through wind, rain, snow and sunshine, one man has stood up for millions and brought credibility back to the UK.”
“An ordinary person, giving up a year of his life to keep the Remain cause in the public eye.”

The PMP Magazine Person of the Year should represent INSPIRATION, RESILIENCE and HOPE. Three words that describe very well what our five finalists have in common.

And now, without further delay, we are happy to announce that our Person of the Year 2019 is:

Getting the world’s media attention for her tiredless fight against climate change, leading the youth to stand up and march to raise the climate crisis alarm in the UK and everywhere else in the world, Greta Thunberg thoroughly deserves to be voted PMP’s “Person of the Year 2019”. She rightly represents today what the youth are craving for: change!

Congratulations, Greta!

All four other finalists will remain winners in the hearts of thousands of people out there, and they will surely keep on playing some very influential roles in the months to come in Britain.🔷


Full Ranking:

1. Greta Thunberg (23%)
2. Dominic Grieve (19.2%)
3. RemainerNow (18.7%)
4. Steve Bray (16.1%)
5. John Bercow (12.3%)
6. Carole Cadwalladr (5.2%)
7. Nicola Sturgeon (2.5%)
8. Gina Miller (1.5%)
9. Jo Swinson (0.6%)
10. Extinction Rebellion (0.5%)
11. People’s Vote (0.2%)
12. Dominic Cummings (0.2%)
13. Jeremy Corbyn (0.2%)

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[This is an original piece, first published by the author in PoliticsMeansPolitics.com on 6 January 2020. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

(Cover: Pixabay. / Greta Thunberg: European Parliament)