Estimates show between 100,000 and 200,000 EU/EEA citizens are at risk of failing to apply for Settled Status in time and could face deportation.

First published in January 2020.

Today MPs are debating the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in Parliament. The bill will put Settled Status into primary law. It will also cement the application process into law. Officially breaking the Prime Minister’s referendum pledge of automatic status for EU citizens.

Part 3, Article 7(1) of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill refers to “application” ten times.

Application for Settled Status will become primary law via this Article despite the huge concerns raised by several parliamentary committees and citizens’ rights orginasations, including us.

Part 3, Article 7(1) of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

Going down the application route to grant status is not prescribed in the EU/UK Withdrawal Agreement. It is a political choice.

The Agreement allows for it but does not mandate it: “The host state may require Union citizens [...] to apply for a new residence status...”.

Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. /

Thus, Boris Johnson is making a conscious choice to renege on his referendum pledge from 2016 to automatically grant status to EU/EEA citizens and their dependants. A broken promise that will result in dire consequences for thousands of EU/EEA citizens and their dependants.

As confirmed by Home Office Minister Brandon Lewis those EU/EEA citizens who fail to apply by the deadline will lose their official immigration status and will become subject to immigration enforcement and the Home Office hostile environment.

PoliticsHome, 10 Oct 2019.

It is not a question of whether EU/EEA citizens will fail to secure Settled Status but of how many. No registration scheme ever achieved 100% compliance. Estimates conclude that between 100,000 and 200,000 residents are at risk of failing to apply in time.

You can help to stop a Windrush 2.0: Raise your concerns, raise the alarm.

Email your MP today ahead of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill debate. More info at:

It is worthwhile contacting ALL MPs, not just the new Conservative MPs linked above. It is very easy to do. Just use WriteToThem.comit only takes seconds to get into contact with your MP.🔷


Check their Voting Record:

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