A thread by Edwin Hayward definitely worth reading on how Brexit is already impacting people and businesses both in the UK and in the EU. Welcome to a Leave new world.

First published in February 2020.

A few recent examples of Brexit impacts...


The number of European entrants to the 2020 Crufts dog show fell by 12%, with the owners of over 400 dogs missing the deadline to register due to concern over pet travel rules and Brexit.

Daily Mail


As of January 2019, 116,000 EU children have been refused permanent residency. Instead, they were only given temporary Pre-Settled Status, making their long-term prospects in the UK uncertain.

The Independent


The Scottish mayor of a German village, first elected in 2008, was forced to relinquish his post when the UK left the EU because it meant he no longer has the right to stand for local government there.

Daily Record


Eisai (a Japanese pharmaceutical firm) has transferred licenses for about 60 medicines from the UK to Germany. Each incurred about €7,200 in administrative costs, including modifying packaging.

Overall, the firm expects to spend £10 million on Brexit preparations.

Financial Times


MCL InsureTech, a Northern Irish software firm in the insurance market, has invested £3 million on creating 40 new positions in Dublin so that it can continue serving the EU market.

Irish Times


West Flanders in Belgium was granted €1 million from the EU’s European Regional Development Fund to help firms based there ride out the effects of Brexit.

The UK no longer has access to this type of funding.

Flanders Today


Scottish salmon producers estimate the additional red tape of providing export certificates for farmed fish sold into the EU market will cost them £8.7 million a year after the transition period ends.



Amazon has bought a huge new fulfillment centre in Gateshead, near Newcastle. It has plans to build a giant warehouse on the site. The entire project is estimated at £120 million.



The EU has outlawed time changes from 2021. But that could leave Northern Ireland on a different timezone to Ireland for over half the year if we stick to the summer/winter time system.

It could also mess up airline schedules.



Private equity deals in the UK fell to just 978 deals in 2019, worth £86.5 billion, according to KPMG analysis. This is the lowest number of deals since 2014. Brexit was cited as a factor.

In Yorkshire, transaction volumes fell nearly 25%.

Yorkshire Post

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