The utterly disturbing little Britain ‘thinking’ brilliantly described in this new thread by Edwin Hayward as ‘unconnected thinking’.

First published in February 2020.

A 95-year-old Italian man who has been in the UK for 68 years has been asked to prove he is resident in the country by the Home Office in order to remain after Brexit, despite receiving the state pension for the past 32 years.”

Italian man, 95, resident in UK for 68 years, told to prove it. / The Guardian

Unconnected thinking!

Problem is, every figure you see for the number of people yet to apply for the Settlement Scheme is an estimate.

There is quite literally no way for the UK Government to know how many people haven’t yet – because they never bothered to keep records of who is here from the EU.

That means there is vast potential for a ‘Windrush on steroids’ because the very elderly and vulnerable will be least likely to have completed the process (which involves using an app and/or travel).

But Boris Johnson wants to turn employers and landlords into immigration spies.

It is a horrible, horrible situation. But I doubt there are many MPs amongst the chanting sycophants around Boris Johnson’s Cabinet table who care...

Worth also noting that the ever helpful Immigration Service has a quasi-covert programme whereby it quietly offers to lend staff to large firms (for a fee!) so that they can act as moles to police the immigration status of employees.

Revealed: how Home Office hires out staff to hunt migrants. / The Guardian

The Withdrawal Agreement may have “protected the rights of EU citizens”, but left unsaid in all the glib talk is the fact it will only protect those rights for EU citizens who manage to run the gauntlet of the Settlement Scheme by the agreed deadlines.

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