An interesting thread on what was the fundamental lie built into the 2016 EU Referendum and led to Brexit...

First published in February 2020.

Post the Frost speech etc, it’s perhaps worth remembering why so many former Remainers are not and will not be happy.


I have surprise news.

It is not because Leave won. They did.

It is because the key basis of the promise. That life would continue pretty much as before (at least in the sense of no negative impact). Was never going to be true.

People can bang on as much as they like about Project Fear, etc. but that whole line of debate is now water under the bridge.

An argument was made. That argument looks increasingly likely not to be correct.

Now that we have actually left, beware the focus turning from dissatisfied Leavers to angry Remainers (nb c 50% of the public).

It’s not that long ago that we were talking about Cameron-style liberal Conservatives versus the cultural identitariat.

A botched Brexit is an extremely good way of turning the wheel back again.

Any half-way sensible government would be looking at ways of alleviating the impact of the change.

But not this one.

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