A brilliant thread by Luke Reader on what post-Brexit economic planning looks like — at the top of which is a Singapore-on-Thames free for all.

First published in February 2020.

This is bad – and not just for the Trumpy preference for white, wealthy immigrants.

UK to close door to non-English speakers and unskilled workers / The Guardian

When you put this announcement together with earlier statements about trade, you get a good hint of what post-Brexit economic planning looks like.

At the top is a Singapore-on-Thames free for all. Investors can come so long as they have the money, but the overseas workers who provide day-to-day services will find their route to Britain shut off.

These policies will drive out skilled workers – carpenters, plumbers, etc. – as well as low-level admin and services workers – retail, baristas, care-homes...

I suppose these policies could create openings for British workers. However, Brits have proved singularly unwilling to work in these sectors. As Maya Goodfellow points out, that’s why so many people from Eastern Europe are in the UK in the first place.

The government could be hedging against a bad Brexit.

A disastrous Brexit means a shedding of blue and white collar export industry jobs. Having vacancies elsewhere helps cushion that blow. But it’s like stopping punching yourself in the face. Why start in the first place?

Probably because you can build a story about how the nation pulled together after economic disaster. And, if you’re a government committed to extreme libertarian and free market policies, you can use this tale to elide your embrace of disaster capitalism.

Ian Dunt writes a lot about how the architects of Brexit use cultural wedge issues to push extreme right-wing ideas. In his new book, J.N. PAQUET considers Brexit a religion. Remarkably, the new government policy manages to do both.

Johnson and chums really are the worst.

Last thought: I spend far too much time thinking about Brexit.

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