MHugues tweeted a question to his MP in Mid Derbyshire, Conservative MP Pauline Latham to know whether she thought a £94-a-week statutory sick pay (that families will receive if they get the coronavirus) was enough to live on. Her reply is simply appalling, and shameful coming from a Member of Parliament.

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The Code of Conduct for MPs is quite clear about the behaviour that is expected from a Member of Parliament:

The Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament.

Who is Pauline Latham?

Pauline Latham is a Brexiter Conservative MP member of the infamous ERG group. In 2017, she strongly argued in Parliament against allowing refugee children from France to be allowed to enter Britain to reunite with their parents. A hard Brexiter, she called for a ‘clean break’ from the EU and supported Esther McVey to be leader of the Conservative Party in 2019. She later supported Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament.

What happened next?

The MP later tweeted about the Twitter incident to apologise, claiming to have been in a state of distress when she replied to her constituent:


People significantly adversely affected by Brexit (EU citizens in the UK, British people in the EU, businesses...), refugee children kept away from their parents and their families, UK families who will live on a £94-a-week statutory sick pay if they are ill during the coronavirus pandemic, and her constituents, will all be able to make their own mind about the incident, and this MP’s behaviour and apology.


Check their Voting Record:

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