“You Clap for Me Now” is a beautiful and touching video created by Creative Director Sachini Imbuldeniya.

It is a poem to remind us all that the large majority of ‘key workers’ are from Black and Minority Ethnic families. It is read out line-by-line by first, second and third-generation immigrants including doctors, nurses, teachers, shopkeepers, dentists, social workers, delivery drivers, broadcasters, and more.

Despite long, shameful histories of facing racism and hostility, immigrants in every country are showing kindness and solidarity by delivering essential aid and services to their nations.

Because we know – and they know – that it doesn’t matter where you come from.

During this pandemic we are all humans together, fighting a common enemy.

“You Clap for Me Now” reminds us all that when we finally emerge from lockdown, we must remember those who helped us and our loved ones through it.

And ensure that we never go back to a time where we ignore, hurt or disrespect people because of their religion, profession, or the colour of their skin.

“You Clap For Me Now” by Sachini Imbuldeniya.

[This piece was first published as a Vimeo video. | The author of the video speaks in a personal capacity.]

(Cover: Screenshot from the video.)

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