A badge for care workers is probably the easiest (and only) thing this incompetent government can make happen. Or is it? It will not protect them from catching Covid-19 but they will wear it with pride, according to Matt Hancock.

First published in April 2020.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced today, during the Government’s Daily Briefing, the launch of a new badge for care workers which he described as a “badge of honour” so they can be recognised by the public.


Matt Hancock launching the new, old green Care badge. / BBC News

“This badge will be a badge of honour in a very real sense, allowing social care staff proudly and publicly to identify themselves, just like NHS staff do with that famous blue and white logo,” Matt Hancock explained.

I know that many businesses will want to offer the same recognition and benefits as they do wonderfully to the NHS.”

Many Conservative supporters of this government welcomed the decision. Conservative MP Paul Bristow, for instance, unsurprisingly tweeted that he found the idea “outstanding”, and “to hear this from Matt Hancock is wonderful!”

Twitter / @paulbristow79

The ‘outstanding’ and ‘wonderful’ idea, however, is not new. Far from it.

The new green badge was actually launched in June 2019. Last year.

It was indeed launched by Care England and everyLIFE Technologies during the Residential & Home Care Show, at London’s ExCeL, the current home of the NHS Nightingale Hospital London, one of the temporary NHS Nightingale Hospitals set up by NHS England for the coronavirus pandemic.

Launch of the CARE badge. / Care England

Obviously, care workers have been vocal on social media to immediately debunk the fake news, with photos proving they received their own green badges a year ago.

Hancock’s green badge is not the PPE, face masks and material social care workers are crying for. The Health Secretary has been appearing week after week in those daily briefing making endless promises that have still not come true, from the millions of PPE “on their way” to the ludicrous figure of “100,000 people tested by the end of April”.

A badge, it is true, is probably the easiest (and only) thing this incompetent government can make happen. Or is it?

It will not protect social care workers from catching Covid-19 but they will wear it with pride, according to Matt Hancock.


“Care workers need more than a badge and a pat on their head to define their precious role in society,” the GMB union tweeted after Matt Hancock’s announcement.

We need PPE and testing on the front line to protect lives. Now. Serially undervalued, highly skilled and massively underpaid. It’s time for the proper recognition they deserve.

As Dr Frances Ryan wrote in the Guardian today, “Ministers have adopted “kind tokens” as a response to political concerns: from clapping for NHS staff working in cash-strapped hospitals to painted hearts in windows for abuse victims whose local refuges have probably closed.”

“We are witnessing the sanitisation of social problems: the government is trying to convince us that gestures are a substitute for sufficient funding.”

When will we see government ministers taking one day shadowing doctors and nurses in hospital like some fantastic Sky News reporters do to see with their own eyes what it is like to fight Covid-19, treat very sick patients, feel the fear of getting infected because there is just not enough masks, PPEs, and ventilators?

Helen Whately MP, Minister of State for Social Care

I am assuming Matt Hancock, Helen Whately, or Dominic Raab would have no issue with doing this without extra protections or extra masks, of course. Just equipped with a badge.🔷

Matt Hancock equipped with his new old badge. / Flickr - Number 10


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(Cover: Flickr / Number 10. - Matt Hancock during his Coronavirus Daily Briefing.)

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