A brilliant thread by Mitch Benn on conspiracy theories and the ‘solid’ arguments that support them.

First published in April 2020.

Ok, here’s the trouble with conspiracy theories.

I’m talking those big apocalyptic conspiracy theories now; your flat-earthers, your moon-truthers, holocaust-deniers, Covid-19/5G “theories”...

The idea behind all of these theories seems to be that THEY, be they Bill Gates/the Rothschilds/Big Pharma/The Merovingian Dynasty/The Silurians/whoever, have decided that there is a particular TRUTH that must never be revealed to the peoples of the world.

And that in order to conceal this Earth-shattering TRUTH (the world is flat/the Jews faked the Holocaust/we’re all being poisoned by 5G), a big LIE (the world is round/The Nazis killed 6m Jews/it’s a virus) must be propagated and PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS.

Because obviously it is VITAL that this Truth never be exposed, given the truly EXTRAORDINARY lengths that They are willing (and able) to go to in order to propagate their Big Lie.

In all cases this involves spreading and reinforcing, by any and all means at the very least, an entirely false version of the PRESENT, but also, in many cases, an entirely false version of ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY.

The disseminators of, for example, the Round Earth Big Lie must not only convince the human race that right now we have been to space and SEEN the round earth, we fly around it on a regular basis and there are satellites orbiting it but must also create and propagate an ENTIRELY SPURIOUS HISTORY OF THE WORLD in which the ancient Greeks calculated the Earth’s radius and circumference, we have been circumnavigating the globe for centuries, there is a massive country called “Australia” on the underside...

(this PARTICULAR subterfuge having necessitated not only constructing an entire fictitious history and PREhistory of Australia but also the deployment over the years of thousands of crisis actors to put on a funny accent and pretend to COME from the place)

Conspiracy theorists believe – and require us to believe – that The Powers That Be are determined and able to manipulate the whole of human history right up to the present day, because the Big Truth must NEVER BE REVEALED OR DISASTER WILL BEFALL THEM... ... and yet... they’re either unable or unwilling to have a bunch of conspiracy theorists’ YouTube videos taken down.

Think about that; a group of incredibly powerful people have decided that a certain truth is SO DANGEROUS that they’ll distort all of reality to conceal it... ... and yet there’s a bunch of YouTube vids BLURTING this truth for all to hear, and nobody’s doing a DAMN THING.

Are these videos being censored? Nope. Removed? Nope. Are their creators being whisked off in black helicopters? Nope. So apparently, you can expose a Truth which THE WHOLE OF HUMAN HISTORY HAS BEEN FALSIFIED TO CONCEAL on YouTube and nothing happens... but post 30 seconds of unlicensed Disney footage and poof it’s down within hours.

Does this never occur to conspiracy theorists as, well, troubling? If anyone’s got/heard a counter-argument to this I would be fascinated to hear it.

Tweets posted on 3 May 2020 by @MitchBenn.

[This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article on 4 May 2020 with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.]

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