When the UK Government’s level of incompetence and arrogance suddenly increased to a whole new level.

First published in May 2020.

The week in Tory...

1. Clapped for health workers.

2. Then increased the fees paid by immigrant health workers to access the life-saving service they themselves provide.

3. Then did a U-turn on that, only one day after standing in Parliament telling us it was vital and fair.

4. Then quietly planned to stop allowing child refugees reuniting with their parents, which you didn’t even notice.

5. Then said the border down the Irish Sea (which they denied for a year) wouldn’t be ready in time, so would be an even harder border down the Irish Sea.

6. Said we all had to socially distance, because it was vitally important.

7. Then said MPs, many in their 70s, should be urgently pushed into an overcrowded room (the House of Commons), then regularly marched through packed lobbies, rather than safely vote electronically and keep socially distanced.

8. Then the head of the Science Select Committee (Tory MP Greg Clark) told the government that testing capacity was inadequate for most of the pandemic so far.”

9. Said we must all wear face-masks when we go out.

10. Then said there were no face-masks.

11. Then said the tracking app would be ready by 1 June.

12. Then admitted they had stopped development of the app in March.

13. Then said the app was not necessary. Staff could do it manually – that is, track down everybody you came within metres of for a fortnight.

14. They said they hadn’t been training staff to do this nightmarishly impossible task, because they didn’t even start recruiting staff until last week.

15. Then said the app might be necessary after all, but not before we open Primary Schools, which was imminent.

16. Then half the school districts in England and all of Scotland and Wales said they definitely weren’t opening Primary Schools.

17. They said we would quarantine everybody coming into the UK, except from France.

18. Then said, OK, France too, but it’s voluntary.

19. Then said it’s not voluntary, we’ll do spot-checks.

20. Then admitted spot-checks were not possible due to staff shortages.

21. Then the London Assembly announced it would continue to investigate Johnson’s alleged corruption in public office.

22. And then, thank you for your patience... Dominic Cummings.

23. Dominic Cummings was infected, which meant he could not leave his home for any reason, and had to try to separate himself from his family.

24. So he immediately locked himself in a car with his family for 5 hours.

25. Then the Attorney General defended Cummings by saying you’re allowed to break laws if you think you’re doing the right thing and looking after kids.


26. Then the Health Secretary said you’re allowed to endanger public health if you have a small child and mean well.

27. Downing Street officially denied the police had been involved.

28. Durham Police officially said they had definitely been involved.


29. Downing Street said it was only to protect his family whilst sick.

30. It turns out he did it again after he’d got better.

31. Then the Government said public opinion is what matters.

32. Then a poll showed twice as many people wanted him sacked as wanted him to stay.

33. Then multiple major Tory press cheerleaders said he should be sacked.

34. Sky News gave Grant Shapps 13 hours notice of the questions it would ask when he was interviewed, so he could call Cummings and get the answers, and had no reason whatsoever, when asked, to reply “I don’t know”.

35. Grant Shapps replied “I don’t know”.

36. Where is Boris Johnson?

And there are 12 hours of the week to go.🔷


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🗳️ Greg Clark

🗳️ Suella Braverman

🗳️ Matt Hancock

🗳️ Grant Shapps

🗳️ Boris Johnson

[This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article on 24 May 2020 with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected, and published with the author’s consent. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.]

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