First published in May 2020.

One of the core aims of my group, The Final Say For All Foundation, is to fight against disenfranchisement and to give a voice to the voiceless.

Despite Brexit having happened, we continue to campaign for citizens’ rights, close alignment with the EU and enfranchisement.

Nicola James is the founder of The Final Say For All Foundation. / FSFA

Throughout my time campaigning, I’ve seen countless reactions from UK citizens to the plight of the3million. The most common one is, “We stand with you”. That is a wonderful sentiment, but sadly utterly meaningless unless we actually put our money where our mouths are. We now have to actually stand together and show solidarity by donating to the Denied My Vote legal challenge.

The legal challenge is very close to my heart for many reasons. Along with many others, I was furious and sad to watch this injustice unfolding before my eyes in May 2019. To those of us lawfully, if in my opinion unethically, disenfranchised by the UK government (because despite the Conservatives’ repeated ‘Votes for Life’ manifesto promises, we lose our vote after 15 years outside the UK), it was especially painful to witness. I don’t mind admitting that I even shed some tears while reading some of the stories.

Stand up to discrimination against EU citizens in the UK #DeniedMyVote
Founder member of the3million, the EU citizens group representing EU citizens in the UK since 2016. French national living in the UK since 1995. Marketer by trade, human being by nature

I see the Denied My Vote legal challenge as a way to hold this government to account, but more than that to strike a blow for UK democracy.

We UK citizens can’t stand by and do nothing. I know there are more exciting, more titillating stories out there at the moment, but ask yourself what are we fighting for, if not for democracy itself?

Please do me one small favour. Close your eyes and picture yourself in your polling station. Now imagine how you would feel to see your name crossed out and to be turned away without voting. This is what happened to thousands of people who had the right to vote in the European Parliament election.

I implore you to show these people that you care, that you actually stand with them by pledging a few pounds towards the legal costs of holding the government to account.

Without solidarity, we are easily ignored. We only become a force to be reckoned with when we work together.

There’s no them or us, there’s just us.

Donate now: Denied My Vote legal challenge


Nicola James,
founder of The Final Say For All Foundation


Many organisations are asking you to donate money for EU citizens but if you do, please choose the3million. Since 2016, they have been the leading organisation of EU citizens in the UK and no-one is better placed to continue to fight for their rights and against discrimination.

If you can help their campaign to continue, you can:


[This piece was originally published in the3million newsletter and re-published in PMP Magazine on 26 May 2020, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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