When the UK Government’s level of incompetence and arrogance keeps estonishing us every day.

First published in June 2020.

The week in Tory...

1. The government reduced the UK-wide coronavirus alert level on the advice of the Joint Biosecurity Centre.

2. Matt Hancock revealed the “Joint Biosecurity Centre” doesn’t exist yet.

3. Boris Johnson said he was “very proud” of the UK’s response.

4. After previously telling us facemasks were essential, then not essential, then essential, then not essential, then essential, then not essential (6 U-turns) the government said facemasks were, actually, essential.

5. But not until 15 June. 2 weeks more of them being not-essential.

Face coverings. | Staying safe outside your home. / UK Governmen, Cabinet Office | 5 June 2020

6. And then NHS leaders revealed they hadn’t been consulted on any of this.

7. The government announced dentists were returning to work the following day.

8. And then dentists said they also hadn’t been consulted about this, or even warned it was happening.

9. The government announced it was relaxing the lockdown nationally, because it said the R level (infection rate) had fallen as low as 0.7.

10. Within 2 days the R level had risen back above 1 in much of Northern England, but the government has not reintroduced local lockdowns.

11. The government justified relaxing the lockdown because we would have a “world-beating Test and Trace” in place by 1 June.


12. And then the next day, the head of the Test and Trace programme revealed it would not be operational until September.

13. The following day it was revealed an “urgent Test and Trace programme” was recommended by experts in February, but not acted upon until May.

14. Boris Johnson announced he is personally taking charge of the coronavirus response, a mere 138 days since the first UK case.


15. The head of Outbreak Modelling at Imperial College said he was shocked that Covid-19 was still “spilling out of hospitals and care homes”.

16. It was revealed advice was given to the government on 24 February that there should be “no discharges to care or residential homes”.

17. The Italian Health Minister has reported that Boris Johnson had told him the UK government policy was Herd Immunity.

18. The government and Boris Johnson continue to deny the policy has every been Herd Immunity, even though Boris Johnson went on TV and advocated it.


19. The most comprehensive World Health Organisation study to date found the risk of Covid infection doubles if the 2-metre rule is reduced.

20. Then Boris Johnson went on TV to say he wants to reduce the 2-metre distancing rule as soon as possible.

21. Matt Hancock tweeted that he was proud we reached a 200,000 test capacity.

22. A couple of days later he said he was proud of a lower 171,000 tests carried out.

Twitter - @MattHancock, 31 May 2020 & 3 June 2020

23. If you get a nasal, throat and antibody test, that counts as 3 tests, even if it is only one person.

24. So 171,000 tests = 57,000 people tested.

25. At that rate it will take 1,175 days to test the whole UK. That’s 3 years and 3 months.

26. And almost 30,000 tests had to be redone because of problems in US labs.

27. Boris Johnson repeated he was “very proud” of the UK government’s response.

28. The government said it would not open playgrounds, because children from different families meet there.

Guidance for providers of outdoor facilities on the phased return of sport and recreation in England. / Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport | 1 June 2020

29. The government said it would reopen schools where – yes – children from different families meet.

30. 44% of England’s schools did not trust the government advice enough to re-open.

31. The government announced people could now meet in socially distanced groups in gardens, but under no circumstances could anybody enter the houses of friends and family.

32. The government said homeless people should move in with friends and family”.

33. Parliament stopped digital voting, leading to a 1.3 km long queue of MPs, right down the road and into a local park, waiting 90 minutes to do one vote.


34. MPs often vote 8 times per day. Under the new system, this means they will do nothing at all except stand in queues.

35. No provisions had been made for extra security, or to protect those vulnerable to Covid-19.

36. Within 24 hours a cabinet minister was ill and needed to be tested. He said he tested negative.

37. It was later reported around 1/5 of tests produce false-negative results.

38. Only 12% of Britons say Parliament needs to physical voting, and there have been absolutely zero instances of voting irregularities under the digital system.

39. The Lords are still virtual sitting and about to introduce electronic voting.

40. The Minister of State for Mental Health Nadine Dorries objected to Pier Morgan’s criticisms of a Trump adviser, and tweeted “As the Minister for Mental Health, could you please avoid wherever possible calling people ‘completely mad’”.

41. And then it was revealed some time in 2017, she had herself called people on Twitter “window-lickers”.

42. A Tory MP breached guidelines by going to a barbeque during the lockdown, attended by the deputy chairman of the Spectator, the Brexit Party chairman, and journalist Isabel Oakeshott.

43. All three of these defended Dominic Cummings, who is, incidentally, still not sacked.

44. The Conservatives criticised Chinese food standards and lack of transparency, which it said first caused, and then exacerbated coronavirus.

45. And then the government voted to lower UK food standards, and refused to publish a report on BAME coronavirus deaths.

46. In January, the Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers said, We will not be importing chlorinated chicken, we will not be importing hormone-treated beef as part of any future trade deal.

47. The government said it would be ready to import chlorinated chicken and hormone-treated beef as part of a US trade deal.

48. In a single day the UK had 359 Covid-19 deaths, which was 45 more than the 27 EU countries combined.


49. Boris Johnson, joint-leader of the Brexit campaign, announced he would start a “charm offensive” to get EU workers to return to the UK.

50. Sir Paul Nurse, former President of the Royal Society, described talking to ministers about coronavirus as “like talking to a blancmange.

51. Boris Johnson said for a fourth time he was “very proud” of the UK government’s response.

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[This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article on 6 June 2020 with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected, and published with the author’s consent. | The author of the tweets writes in a personal capacity.]

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