If only every Brexiter could read this and realise what a useless government they have elected.

First published in June 2020.

The week in Tory... part 2 (from Wed to Sat)

1. The first study of our “world-beating contact tracing” found it was unable to trace 33% of people with coronavirus.

2. National Audit Office found the government ignored warnings to stockpile PPE for almost a month.

3. National Audit Office also found less than half the expected PPE was handed out to frontline workers.

4. National Audit Office found 25,000 patients were discharged to care homes without testing.

5. About half Covid deaths were in care homes.

6. Matt Hancock said we had thrown a protective ring around care homes.

7. Boris Johnson scrapped the pandemic response team 6 months before Covid-19 broke out in the UK, so he could concentrate on Brexit.

8. The OECD said UK faces the worst economic downturn: 11.5% of GDP, and a likely No Deal Brexit (despite Boris Johnson’s concentration).

9. At its worst, the 2007/8 financial crisis reduced GDP by 2.1% for 1 month.

10. OECD said No Deal Brexit would knock 5% off GDP permanently.

11. In 2019, Michael Gove said UK farmers would “never recover from No Deal” Brexit that would add costs of 40% to 100% on our exports.

12. In July 2019, Michael Gove said No-Deal Brexit is the working assumption of the government.

13. This week Michael Gove said, It is not possible to have a No-Deal Brexit.

14. In February 2020, Michael Gove said The UK doesn’t need a post-Brexit deal with the EU.

15. This week Michael Gove said “It is essential the UK has [a deal], and I am confident the EU will agree to one”.

16. And then Michael Gove formally rejected an extension to Brexit that would allow us to avoid No Deal.

17. UK Universities fell to their worst-ever international league ranking, in part due to “Brexit and the hostile environment”.

18. Boris Johnson said the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement was “a great achievement” that gave the UK all we wanted, and we now have control” and “there will not be checks on goods coming from NI to the mainland” .

19. The government admitted there will be a hard-border in the Irish Sea.

20. Boris Johnson was reported as wanting to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement.

21. The government said it was leaving border checks in control of the EU for 6 months.

22. A report found less than 4,000 of the 50,000 staff required for Brexit border checks had been trained.

23. A report found there were no visible preparations, such as the recruitment of vets and customs officers or the building of any new inspection facilities to handle the 10,000 trucks a day that cross the English Channel.”

24. An Imperial College scientist found half Covid deaths could have been avoided if we had locked down one week earlier.

25. Reuters investigation reports [Johnson] didn’t study, until mid-March, the option of a China-style stringent lockdown”.

26. On 10 March, Rory Stewart told Boris Johnson to lock down on live TV.

27. On 15 March, a Harvard Professor of Epidemiology said about our delay in locking down that he “couldn’t believe it ... I assumed reports of the UK policy were satire.

28. We locked down on 23 March.

29. Boris Johnson said “This government has put its arms round the people in this country and done its absolute best”.

30. The government relaxed lockdown because “the R value has dropped below 1”.

31. Government figures showed the R value was above 1 in 4 of the 9 regions of England.

32. The Ministry of Housing gave £50m grants to fund signs for the 2-metre rule.

33. A study found reducing the 2-metre rule increased infection by 50%.

34. So, Boris Johnson said he wants to scrap the 2-metre rule as soon as possible.

35. Councils said the government was causing chaos over 2-metre distancing.

36. In a briefing, Boris Johnson said that people who are not following the guidelines are breaking the law.

37. Dominic Cummings is still neither sacked, nor prosecuted for breaking the law.

38. England’s chief nurse was dropped from briefings after refusing to defend Cummings.

39. It is now 15 days since a scientific advisor has appeared in the daily briefing.

40. Robert Jenrick, accepted he had acted unlawfully in assisting a Tory donor avoid a £40m bill on a housing development. He also has not been sacked.

41. Boris Johnson said of Black Lives Matter: “I hear you”.

42. The government missed the deadline to remove Grenfell-style cladding.

43. Boris Johnson sent an 8-tweet thread condemning the removal of a racist statue by Black Lives Matter protestors.

44. At the time of writing, Boris Johnson has not sent a tweet condemning violence by people opposing Black Lives Matter.

45. Priti Patel and other government ministers said the UK is not racist.

46. Then Priti Patel said she had experienced racism all her life.

47. Boris Johnson said the UK faces the virus together, and we all bear the burden.

48. ONS found the poorest areas of UK had two times the mortality rate of the richest.

49. An Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) report said inequality would worsen under this government after Covid.

50. The headteachers association found there had been at least 150 u-turns and changes to guidance on education since the outbreak began.

51. Boris Johnson promised a “massive catch-up operation” on education.

52. Schools and councils in England were not consulted, warned about this, or funded to do it.

53. The former Chief Inspector of Schools said the government's failure of planning for schools reopening is absolutely astonishing.

54. The government boasted that the NHS had not been overwhelmed by Covid-19.

55. NHS said this is because all planned surgeries were cancelled. A&E admissions fell by 34%. Almost all cancer treatments were suspended. Screening for the second biggest cancer killer was stopped.

56. A study by the NHS Confederation found we now we have a 9.8 million patient backlog.

57. Most governments worldwide expect a second wave of Covid in the winter. The NHS has no capacity for this, the Nightingale Hospitals have been mothballed, and nearly 10 million people await treatment.

58. Tory MPs and ministers were quoted saying “It's all a bit crap” and No 10 are in “headless chicken mode”.

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