Defining Boris Johnson in just 5 consecutive questions asked at Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

First published in June 2020.

Wednesdays’ PMQs in the House of Commons is a time when Boris Johnson enjoys clowning around, not answering Keir Starmer’s questions, and ultimately playing for the social distancing gallery instead.

Interestingly, once the Leader of the Opposition finishes asking his questions, the Prime Minister lets the mask slip and shows his true nature as he answers other MPs questions, including his own side’s.

Check out, for example, how upbeat Boris Johnson is when he answers questions about businesses – and loads of money is always available to support them. Then, contrast it with his answers about low-skilled workers, terminally-ill people, and jobs in general – when there is suddenly just no money left to support workers or the most vulnerable in society.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Does it remind you of something? The magic money tree, of course!🔷


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🗳️ Boris Johnson

🗳️ Keir Starmer

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