Sign the petition asking Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Lidl, Co-op, and Aldi to join Waitrose and protect the UK’s high food standards by refusing to stock chlorinated chicken or hormone-pumped beef.

First published in July 2020.

To: Dave Lewis (CEO of Tesco), Roger Burnley (CEO of ASDA), Simon Roberts (CEO of Sainsburys), David Potts (CEO of Morrisons), Giles Hurley (UK Chief Executive of Aldi), Jo Whitfield (Chief Executive, Co-operative Food) and Christian Härtnagel (UK Managing Director of Lidl)

Dear UK Supermarket Bosses,

Our high food and animal welfare standards are at risk. Products like chlorinated chicken and hormone-pumped beef could be coming to the UK, and end up on our supermarket shelves. These low-quality foods could undercut our hard-working British farmers.

The supermarket Waitrose has already come out and said it will never stock chlorinated chicken or hormone-pumped beef in any of its stores. Now the public’s eyes are on you.

As your customers, we’re asking if you will also commit to protecting the UK’s high food and animal welfare standards and thriving farming sector, by refusing to stock these products?

Thousands of UK supermarket customers

In countries like the US, cows are pumped with growth hormones, to make them grow unnaturally. Thousands of chickens live in enormous “mega-sheds”, surrounded by their own faeces, and even blinded by noxious gases. To make them safe to eat, the chickens have to be sprayed with chlorine.

Unless supermarkets act now, this kind of cheap, low-quality meat could end up being sold in the UK. Undercutting British farmers. And putting our high food and animal welfare standards at risk. That’s why we need to send supermarkets a clear message that as their shoppers, we don’t want to see these products on our supermarket shelves.

So, if you don’t want to see chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-loaded beef on the shelves of your local supermarket, will you please add your name to the open letter today?

Sign the petition now:

Although both the Co-operative and Morrisons have previously committed to making sure that all of their own-brand meat is 100% British sourced, they have taken no new pledges to avoid importing products with lower health and animal welfare standards outside of these ranges in the future.

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