A brilliant, concise, and informative video on the complex topic of why people are risking their lives in small boats to reach the UK.

First published in August 2020.

We keep hearing that asylum seekers need to stay in the “first safe country”, that crossing the channel “is illegal”, or that the only policy to combat trafficking is to be “tougher on those crossing”.

None of it is right. Here is why with some alternative policy ideas.

Seeing as Nigel Farage keeps posting videos, I thought it may be worth doing one about why making crossings more difficult does not work, and why his solutions are essentially illegal.

Unravelling some myths about refugees

In response to some comments on social media, I also thought it necessary to do a quick overview of some of the myths surrounding refugees, that they are “terrorists”, “criminals”, only “coming for benefits”, etc. to explain why they are wrong.


Check their Voting Record:

🗳️ Nigel Farage

[This piece was first published in PMP Magazine on 17 August 2020. | The author talks in the videos in a personal capacity.]

(Cover: Shutterstock/Susan Pilcher.)

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